Tuesday 1 December 2015

Is this where I drop my pen?

Lol, the above title got me feeling like some writer. Well, for lack of a more suitable title make una manage am like dat. In my 1st Blogiversary Post, I said I was going to stop blogging in December, hardest decision I have made in recent times but Hey, we got to do what we got to do (does that sound right? English language though).

Dearies, I am leaving my job to go find my life; I am going back to school. No, not for my masters or so but to go get a degree....better late than never or nah? If you know how hard it is for poor man pikin some people to go to school, you will understand how tough this four years journey I am about to embark on seem to me, coupled with the fact that the school I got admitted in tripled their fees this year but guess what dearies? God's got this....God's got every tight situation you find yourself in. #Believe.

Good bye is too hard to say and heaven knows I can't allow this little baby blog of mine die a premature death, (choi! I am crying right now **daps eyes**) that is why I am just going to take a break instead; I do not know for how long....1 month, 2 months, 6 months, dunno, but I will be back, CatwalkWithPAT will be back....by His grace.

Shout out to everyone that has made this journey awesome for me; my wonderful readers and fellow amazing bloggers, God bless you all for making blogging a wonderful experience for me.

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Ehen! have I mentioned that I got featured on BMF blog? I mean, almighty BMF blog o. Go read, go read.

I used my most recent pictures so you do not forget my face too quickly. hehehe

HAPPY NEW MONTH dearies, may all our heart desires be met this new month. Amen.

Sending kisses your way.



  1. Crying...we will miss u & it happened now dt am getin used 2 dis blog but its all 4 gud.May God direct ur path till we c again CWP.We luv u & gona miss u real gud.

  2. Paatttt! Just like that? I know you've said already but I didn't expect it so soon...most of your posts are so relatable, your blog has taught me that even an average person can look so good. God bless you in all you endeavours, I will miss you. Get back quickly dear.

  3. Habaaaaa , it doesnt mean you should shut down the blog...You have invested sooo much for you to leave it like this.. Even if its a post per week, atleast we know the blog is still alive.. Chai i know its time consuming....God will help you through

    Your reasons make sense but..................PATTTTTTTTTTT

    I wish you the best in your endeavours


  4. Haba you can't do this to me. Yeah edu is important but there are some less busy days that you can stop by and drop something please.. You are my first ever commenter and I hold you in high regards. Love you loads


    1. As my Ministers(Chincobee and Gloria) have said, even if is once per week, dear do not quit(break).

      I use myself as a Reference point, As I succeeded in School, served and Blessed with a Job through God's Divine Intervention, I pray that Grace to locate you wherever you are, He is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

      I pray for Wisdom, Knowledge and Understand, where your strength fails let God's Grace speaks for you, lamentation is not your portion, I wrap you with Divine favour, success is your portion, You will never stop your education half way, every spirit of distraction I cast them out in the name of Jesus, receive Grace to focus, for I pray with thanks giving in Jesus' name Amen!


  5. Haba nau Pat! U can't do this to us oo. Education is very important but then give it a second thought dear. Don't shut down the blog cos of this,even if its once in a while, u can always drop one or two post..Nevertheless,I wish u success in all endeavour

  6. I just shed tears. ..e-huggz. I will miss you. please don't close down your blog, biko. You can schedule your post when you are less busy.
    Ehen. ...please


  7. Ooh, just taking a break, eehn don't stay long on your break oooo . 1 month is too far

  8. Love u always Pat. The Lord is ur strenght in this new journey of urs. You shall excel. Do not stay long out there inugo? Tkia luv.


  9. Success in all your endeavour dear....

  10. Pat please don't shut down the blog...you can even update once a week. But don't just shut it completely
    Nma's Blog 

  11. **Sobbing** i will miss u Pat and your post too. Congrats on ur admission to further ur studies and i wish you all the best.

  12. **Sobbing** i will miss u Pat and your post too. Congrats on ur admission to further ur studies and i wish you all the best thing life can ever give.

  13. **Sobbing** i will miss u Pat and your post too. Congrats on ur admission to further ur studies and i wish you all the best thing life can ever give.

  14. DafuQ! are you serious?! Oh my! How am i just seeing this?! **Rubs beard. You know yeah CatWoman... This is usually the hardest part of anything... Saying good bye I mean.. But in response I give you a standing Ovation.. cause you came on here.. did your thing and stayed true to your self all the while. One isnt able to understand the hard choices we have to make.. but this is one i do and will totally respect you for. So STAND uP! to a lady that came on here and did greatly.. Stand up to a lady that I can sooo connect to even on my teared up and Drunk nights.. Stand up to a Blogger like no other... that likes to do exercise and almost gave my entire body muscle pull in August. :)

    About Uni.. Whoop! Whhhoop!!! Its going to be Fun.. Its going to be hard.. Its going to be Tempting, there is going to be an abundance of GOD'S grace.. and its all gonna be worth it. Thank you for being in our lives CatWoman... We will not forget.. but by GOD'S grace yeah... we will wait for you till you return. I thank GOD our paths crossed.

    With Joy,


  15. dear, you can still blog once in a week. i wish you success.

    Topmost Tree

  16. Pat i wish you well in all your endeavours, big i big you to please not stop blogging entirely. Just find time to post once a week or so. The lord will be your strength

  17. Awww paty woman dont shut it down completely..as bm said u can always schedule your post at least once a week is not bad..maybe during the weekends.. Goodluck in school sweets

    Glowyshoe blog

  18. success in ur studies, i know how it feels having to follow school more dan somethings, we all have our academics struggle stories..... but like some people have said here, u can alway chip in one or two things into your blog and still keep it active, trust me you will still get something to get u motivated in school to still have this blog running...

    all d best once again...


  19. Pat! Maka why nah
    Please no try am ooh. Don't nust try it. Will miss you mucho
    But God bless you and everything you lay hands on shall/must be a blessing to you. Love you babes... hugs

  20. Wait what?!?!?!? Bet WHY?!?! Can't you go to school AND blog? It's tough but I can do it (barely) so can you. It's your decision so... Till you start blogging again.

    mira La Belle blog

  21. Please don't do this o. You can school and blog too all u need is scheduling. I wish u the best in your studies. God bless

  22. My God! thank you all for your kind words, I actually cannot put to words how I feel right now reading your comments. God bless you all for giving my strength.

  23. Omg I cannot believe you are saying goodbye now- now I cannot believe it!

  24. Awwwwwww, I miss this space. I know I owe you a call

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