Monday, 16 March 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Priscilla

Hello Darlings, How are you doing? How did you weekend go? I have been very busy lately but I still found time to relax with friends yesterday...this life is to short to be too serious joor. 

Priscilla is a Style blogger at Prissy Savvy; where inspires her readers with here dynamic Fashion styles. I would describe her style as comfortable, classy & elegant. Ever since I read about her I have been following her on IG; she simply knows how to wow me with her outfits. Lets take a look at some of her style..... 


If you would love to see more of her style, do follow her on instagram @prissysavvy

We are on IG too @catwalkwithpat
My personal page is @divapat92




  1. She is elegant indeed though I think she is somehow stiff or is it my eyes?

  2. Her stature ain't bad!!!!

    I love the last and the skirts are mwahhhhh

  3. I love all the skirts.


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