Wednesday 30 September 2015

CWP Fitness: Home Workout Guide for Flat tummy

Hello Queens and Kings!!! Its the last day in month of September...whew! 9 down, 3 more to go; time sure flies. Another public holiday tomorrow, yeah? I can feel the smile on your face. How serious do you take working out, keeping fit and eating healthy? I feel somewhat disappointed when y'all come in the comment section and say you just too lazy to workout...yeah! I feel lazy sometimes too but because I know how bad I will feel if I wear a dress and my tummy is protruding or if I walk only a few distance and I am breathing heavily just 'cos I have not trained my body to do much work. It doesn't matter if you are slim or fat, we all need to keep fit and yo! a little sweat, pain and ache didn't kill no one ask Kate Henshaw (I love that woman).

If you have been following CWP Fitness, you must have notice that my main aim is abs and glute and because visuals are very explanatory, I am going to share some short video clips that will guide on as you work on you goes:

 Before starting your workout routine, be sure to stretch your body and do at least 30 Jumping Jacks to prep your body for work, that way you will not strain your muscles and feel less pain.

Jumping Jacks
For starters, do 30 crunches, this aim at the upper tummy, you can also put hands behind your ears.
Do 20 bicycle crunches for each legs, this aim at your entire tummy but especially the lower tummy and your thighs.
Bicycle crunches
For starters, do plank for at least 30secs but if you can go 60secs and more, there's no harm. This gives you balance and aim at your tummy and arms
Modify Plank
Do as much mountain climber as you can, aims at your lower tummy and arms.
Mountain Climber

Remember told y'all that working out can be fun if you get a work out partner? yo! you and your partner can challenge each other the below crunch and make it fun by using a ball.
Workout at least 3 times a week for maximum result and if you follow these clips and do them the right way, you be getting that banging body in just one month.

I've been  wanting to start up a new challenge, but because y'all keep breaking my heart with your "I am too lazy to workout" comments, I feel pretty reluctant. Should we start a new challenge? no, its not the No late night eating challange this time, its something kinda tougher but nothing you cannot handle **winks** should we?

I know this post is coming really late...its been really busy for me this week, forgive me dearies.

I will be waiting in the comment section, lets talk there.




  1. Wonderful but i really can't do all that is too much dear Pat!

  2. These ones look strenuous oooo

  3. mehn they are really strenous..ive been postposing registering in a gym despite my friends pleading with me to

    Glowyshoes's blog

  4. I tried few out this night. Oops! I hope I can keep at it


  5. Just tried them out this morning. ..
    Already breathless. ..really not easy kiping up...but I hope to find the courage to try again this evening or tomorrow morning. ...

    #IMustGet6Packs lol

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