Tuesday, 10 November 2015

CWP Style: Dressing up on a lazy day

Ever found yourself in a situation where you gotta rush out of the house quickly and still want to look smart and stylish but not overdressed? I know that feeling. How about when you are going to the mall, salon or just running errands and are still confuse on what to wear? you'd think that dressing on a lazy when you do not have to do too much are the simpliest yet most times you at a fix, especially when you want to looks stylish.

Dressing on a lazy day can be made easy if you can try these tricks.....

1. Jeggings
This works for me, they are just like jean but are soft and stretchy. when I need to rush outta the house, I pair jeggings with a long over sized tee and a sneakers or sometimes sandals.

2. Maxi Skirts/Gown
On a lazy day, maxi works perfect for me. Pair the with a sandals or slippers not flip flop.

3. Glasses
Ah ah!! glasses are a must have for every woman. They save me on days when I really need to go out but do not feel the need to wear makeup, just wear powder and lipstick or gloss. Its also no news that there is some kinda edge glasses gives your entire outfit.

4. Kimonos
So you want to wear a crop top on short or pant but do not want to look like you are showing too much skin? just throw a kimono on, or just add a kimono to your regular everyday outfit.

5. Hat/Head wraps
I have thing for these two. On bad hair day, just brush your hair and wear a hat...its that simple. Head wraps are the new classy, get creative with you scarves and wrap your hair.

6. Boyfriend Shirt
If you are a fan of oversized shirt, then you are gonna love boyfriend shirt, because of its oversized nature, pair it with a skinny jean or short.

7. Bags
For a lazy, a cross bag will do just fine, its will make your outfit look less serious. Tote bags and purses and bag packs are also not a bad idea.

8. Flats
You do not want to wear heels and wedges on a lazy day, you are going to look overdressed and will not be so comfortable. So wear sneakers, oxfords/brogues, sandals and slippers but not flip flop please, you do not want to look like you are going to take your bath.

9. Accessories 
When you are wearing a really so casual outfit, accessorize! Wear a scarf around you neck, statement neck piece, earrings,  bangles, head wraps and hats as mentioned above.

10. Add yours. lol.

Thats it dearies....the above are what you will catch me wearing on a lazy day, what about you? on lazy days, how do you dress up?

Let me also add that on lazy days, you choose comfort first.


  1. Really nice tips, Tee and jean is my got-to lazy day wear. I will try switching it up now.

  2. Beautiful tips. Thanks.
    Sweerie I nominated you for the gratitude challenge.

  3. boyfriend shirts!!!! i love oversized tee... alwaz colonizing my bro's own

    favourmoyse blog

  4. Maxi is wat you will catch me wearing..uts very easy nd quick to wear

    Glowyshoe blog

  5. you will catch me weqring all the above on a lazy day except hat.i wqnt to start investing in hats,i thinks its looking stylish and trendy



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