Friday, 6 November 2015

Weekend Style Inspiration

Hi darlings! I apologize for staying away for sometime...not intentional.  Hope your week have been fab? Last week I got a mail from a reader who said she will be going back to school this week, so she asked that I do a post that will inspire her everyday choice of outfit. lol. Sweetheart, this post is dedicated to you and everyone who need inspiration to get their weekend vibe on.

Be inspired....

I hope this helps...let me also add that you have to be creative, get into you wardrobe and keep mixing & matching, you will surprise what you can do with your staples; you don't even need to always buy new clothes to always look fabulous.

Happy slaying and have a fun weekend.

Disclaimer: All pictures are gotten from instagram, if you find your picture here and want it to be taken down, please kindly notify me and I will act accordingly. Thanks.


  1. pat pat... some of these styles re not class friendly o#my opinion tho#

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  2. I see modavracha....

    Lovely the 3rd to tte last

  3. Fashion is all about what you create..they are nice

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  4. you just have to be creative with whatever you have.

  5. They are beautiful.

  6. Love it. Being stylish rocks!

  7. Some are nice, like the first one


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