Wednesday 5 November 2014

CWP Fitness: 5 Food You Must Avoid to Achieve Your Flat Tummy Goal.

Hello everyone, how's your day starting out? Mine is freaking cold 'cos I was drench by the rain, choi! no be small thing. But that shouldn't stop me from serving you hot sweet fitness tips this morning, should it? *smiles* of course not. Moving on, remember I have been talking about how to achieve flat tummy for past two weeks, right? see here and here if you missed them. So, today I want to share with you "5 Food You Must Avoid to Achieve Your Flat Tummy Goal." You know, if you keep working out on your tummy but do not eat right, you can never achieve your goal, therefore you have to be mindful of what goes into your mouth as this is very important.

So dearies, come along as I share this fitness tips with you. Enjoy!

What not to eat:

1. Sweets and Soda

 Candy and other sweets offer nothing but calories, and plenty of them. According to Harvard nutritionist Walter Willett, if you want to lose belly fat, the first thing you should eliminate are high-calorie, low-value foods. At 150 empty calories per can, soda pop is a particularly bad form of sweet for diet purposes. For many people, drinking soda is an automatic part of lunch or dinner. By simply replacing this with water or iced tea, you can drop hundreds of calories per week from your diet.

2. Fast Food

A single fast-food meal often totals more than 2,000 calories, the recommended calorie intake for an entire day. Worse still, fast food is high in bad fats and low in nutrition.

3. Alcohol

According to Willett, research shows that an alcoholic drink each day can help reduce your risk of heart disease. However, alcohol presents two problems. Like sweets, it has a high caloric content with little nutritional benefit. Also, drinking alcohol often leads to drinking more alcohol. A single night out drinking can mean taking in thousands of calories you would otherwise have done without.

4. Snack

Snack foods are long on calories and low on nutritional value. For between-meal snacks, personal trainer Bill Phillips recommends vegetable sticks or a piece of fruit.

5. Refined Grains

 10 Foods to Avoid for a Flat Belly 
Refined grains are pure carbohydrates, presenting your body with a sugar rush just like eating sweets. The calories from this rush are bad enough, but when the sugar high fades your body starts to feel hungry again. Dr. Mehmet Oz, co-author of "You: The Owner's Manual" recommends eating whole and wild grains, which release their carbs more slowly.

It might not be so easy staying away from these food but their intake can be reduced or better avoided completely.


  1. My girl has to read this. Nice one.

    1. Thats the spirit Trevo, make her get in here. Thanks a bunch.

  2. So true,when I wasn't eating all these junks I was slim and fit but now I take virtually all these junks except the alcohol,my tummy looks big nowadays to the extent dat Okada man called me Iya ibeji
    Now no more late night food all these swallows like eba iyan and co if I can't take in the afternoon then it's all over
    Trying to cut down on coke,I rather take ribenna

    1. lol. I like your sense of humor, choi! Iya Ibeji? lol

  3. Chai! Hmm, I really want 2 stop dis late night food but d cravings eehh. Fanta is greatest temptation of all. My tummy is big eeh, even my mum is complaining, nd yes I'm on d big side. Help oo

    1. There are lots of things we want to do but cant find the motivation to start, I might preach it here but if you do not get enough motivation, you can never decide to start. it is One step at a time. Just keep visiting, I am hopeful that with time you will start up a workout routine and drop the "late nite food" is...btw being big isn't bad, just be fit. **much love Pammie**

  4. That only boy.......... Nyc 1.


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