Friday 3 July 2015

Celebrity Crush of the Week - Toyin Aimakhu Johnson

I have been crushing on Toyin's style lately and the reason is obvious, babe has upgraded her fashion style and I am thankful she did. I would describe her style as trendy and colourful;, she's trying to keep up with the latest fashion style and she combines colours so well. I only hope she can join some of her colleagues in working out to trim down her tummy so that her clothes can fit more perfectly. Anyways I am totally loving Toyin's new style.

For those who may not know who Toyin Aimakhu is, She is a Nollywood Actress and Producer.

See some of her outfits I love below....

Do have a fabulous weekend sweeties.




  1. Replies
    1. Yipeee!!! Queen is back!
      Good to have you here again doll, keep visiting. Thanks!

  2. Lool she really has upped her game. That black dress is everything.

  3. Yes oooooo

    Styled by TOLUMY....:ehehheheheheheheh

    But she don dey turn orobo abeg

  4. this is really a new toyin...i like her upgrade

  5. her fashion sense is a no for me joor

  6. She has really up her game in fashion but she needs to slim down before she turns to a ball

  7. The truth is that yes she has upgraded but the problem is that most of the clothes she is getting and her body frame r a def no no... Dats y she looks funny in most of dem... She is a celebrity and the facts is dat for her to be complete with the so called Celebrity Status, she needs to hire a stylist that wud look at her n find the appropriate clothes for her frame... Cos for her ryt now, a stylist is not a luxury but a necessity.
    To be a 'Celeb' ain't beans dearie... It's hard work...
    But the babe has tried...


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