Wednesday, 29 July 2015

CWP Fitness: No Late Night Eating Challenge...Share you experience!

Hiya people!!! "kilo sele"? (born & bred in Lagos yet my Yoruba language sucks **smh4myself**) whats going on? Hows work/studies/fam/bae/kids and everyone? It midweek and I am already looking forward to weekend. hehehe....blame me not biko, this people want to kill me with work here....
On the 1st of this month we started a 1month No Late night eating challenge and a lot of y'all gave your words that you would be joining the challenge, it will be 1st of August in a few day...just like yesterday right? Yeah! This also means that the challenge will be coming to an end but it doesn't mean that you can go back to eating all the snacks and food you want late at night... **shakes head** nah!

I see the challenge as a stepping stone to helping us (myself inclusive) to eating right, so don't stop here, that's if you even stay through the challenge sef **side eyes at all the cheats in the house**. 

Time to share your experience with the no Late night eating challenge, I would love to read them. Mine? I dont even have appetite anymore once its 8pm or so.

**Thinking** should we start another challenge??? your response from the present one will tell. Go ahead, use the comment box.....its free!!!

PS:  who knows what happened to Tibs Tells Tales blog, it keeps telling me permission denied?

Stay healthy
Stay fit
Stay beautiful
Stay happy




  1. I don't eat late have been practicing that for long.
    About tibs? Don't know either i hope she is okay.
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award do check it out on my blog and don't fail to notify of your post..

  2. Okay! How are you pat?
    I lose my apetite at night normally, so its like i took d challenge

    1. My dear Im fine by God's grace.

      You keep hiding abi? take ya time o

  3. Hiya CatWoman... Biko don't come and go and use your Reggae to spoil my blues oh!! Aha WaRRapin ni?! Shey you dunno ni that it is around midnight that food used to sweet the more ni... So I will now be doing by fire by force fasting... heheh No Thank you... I did the challenge not... **Tongue out..

    Hey Bae... I wanna say a heart filled Thank you for the love and support you have showed to the Gang all month... Ya an amazing lady... and your comments always fill us on the Young and Confused Gang with so much happiness... Thank GOD for the day we met... Oya Bye Bye..

    1. No no Duru, When I was asking for people's experience, you never crossed my mind. why? you said you would not do it and you didnt **rolls eyes**

      This dude be making a dark babe blush...thank you so much for making me smile.

  4. Hmmm.. Pat my appetite knows no season I have even woken up one mid night to go prepare something to eat so it kinda goes a different way theses days ...

    1. hehehe, I know that feeling but you know, we should control things and not things controlling us.

  5. oh.... just seeing the challenge for the first time now... i tink tibs might have made her blog private....


  6. Well, I tried to keep up . but in default anytime hubby comes late from work. I can't take my dinner without him, lolz

    1. And she is giving an excuse. Lol.

      Pat, what do we do to people like this?

      P.S. Go to my blog and accept the nomination. You rock!

      Versatile Blogger Award

    2. BMF be making singles jealous since

      Amaka, dont mind her jare, even if I tell not to eat late at night with hubby, she will still follow her heart. Thanks darling for the nomination, I am beyond honoured.

    3. You know I don't like eating. I only eat well when I have a partner. Come to think of it. I default once in a while when he comes late. What about last week that I didn't eat anything nko?

  7. I don't eat once it's 7pm self

  8. Guilty of this. I need to CHANGE!!!.lol

  9. Oh dear this is going to be difficult when I'm on nights - night shifts make me hungry and I cannot focus if I don't eat. Anyway we shall overcome


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