Friday 12 December 2014

CWP Style: What to Wear on Your First Date

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So the guy you’ve had a crush on for so long has finally asked you to go on a date, and now you’re fretting like a restless child. Ok, I understand that you’re nervous and pretty excited, I’ve been there before. What you really need to do first is to calm down and relax, it’ll be fun. What crosses your mind next is what to wear! Once you open up your closet, you’ll get more confused,because everything seems right but not everything looks as good for a date.
There are no such defined rules for dressing up on your date. All you need to do is be yourself and be confident. Here are a few tips and dress up ideas for your first date, so stop the worry, just keep your mind open for ideas. Enjoy!

First date

Quick Tips

  1. So it’s your first date and you have to look your best, best doesn’t have to be too much of everything. When you try to put a lot of effort in everything it looks like you’re trying too hard to look good. You certainly don’t want that.
  2. Keep your makeup low key but fresh. Don’t go with a too-busy –to-care attitude, no makeup at all is not a good idea, a bit of blush and some natural lip color is all you need.
  3. Wear something you’re most comfortable in. Keep a feminine element in your dress and everything.
  4. Choose your dress according to the location, if you’re going on a date in some fancy restraint then go for a simple little black dress , as for a more casual date you can opt for your nicest jeans and tee.
  5. Don’t go overboard with a fancy hairstyle. Keep things as natural as they can be. Make your hair and everything look neat.
Time to Dress Up!

The Day Date

When you have a day date to go to, keep things casual and comfy. Your nicest pair of pants, tee shirt, tank top, sweater or a blouse will work just as well as a dress. Accessorize your look with some delicate jewelry or other accessories like a scarf. Don’t go with a distressed denim or shorts look that might look too rough or too revealing for a first date. If you’re comfortable wearing heels then go for it, but if you’re not then don’t try to put your feet into trouble. Ankle boots, wedges or ballet flats can be your best foot friend on a date.
Daytime date
If you think your usual jeans and top is way too easy going or laid-back then a simple dress is never a bad idea for your first date. You can either wear a simple printed dress with some trendy accessories or a plain tank dress. Just keep it clean and delicately feminine.
Just simple for a date

An Evening or Night affair

Evening date

It is even better if you have an evening or night date plan, because you can wear something dark colored and a bit dressy. A sequined top or a crop top with a midi skirt is neither too dressy nor too casual. Highlight your best feature through makeup, the cut of your dress or some statement jewels. Wearing your heels is best suited for night or evening date.
For an evening date
Your little black, blue or red dresses are all you need for a dress option on an evening or night date. Keep your dress simple and dress it up or down through accessories. Make sure, you’re comfortable enough in whatever you choose to wear.
Black and blue dresses
Dressing up is a no brainer, just keep your natural style in mind and pick a dress according to that. Don’t forget to put on a lovely smile on your date, it will make everything look perfect.
  Kindly tell me what style idea you picked and goodluck!

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