Wednesday 30 September 2015

CWP Fitness: Home Workout Guide for Flat tummy

Hello Queens and Kings!!! Its the last day in month of September...whew! 9 down, 3 more to go; time sure flies. Another public holiday tomorrow, yeah? I can feel the smile on your face. How serious do you take working out, keeping fit and eating healthy? I feel somewhat disappointed when y'all come in the comment section and say you just too lazy to workout...yeah! I feel lazy sometimes too but because I know how bad I will feel if I wear a dress and my tummy is protruding or if I walk only a few distance and I am breathing heavily just 'cos I have not trained my body to do much work. It doesn't matter if you are slim or fat, we all need to keep fit and yo! a little sweat, pain and ache didn't kill no one ask Kate Henshaw (I love that woman).

If you have been following CWP Fitness, you must have notice that my main aim is abs and glute and because visuals are very explanatory, I am going to share some short video clips that will guide on as you work on you goes:

Tuesday 29 September 2015

CWP Style: How to rock the off-the-shoulder trend in style

Who else have noticed that the off-the-shoulder has made a huge comeback? some styles can not just go out of trend, even if they do, they will make a come back and the off-the-shoulder is one of them. This style can give you a sexy yet classy look though it is not so easy to pull but with a few tips and trick, you will be pulling it off effortlessly.  

If you are unsure how to rock this trend, these tips and pictures should guide you, find the below...

Friday 25 September 2015

Weekend Style Inspiration

 Hi sweeties! trust you are enjoying your holiday? I just came to peep...Yes!!! I'm on holiday too **side eyes** hope you are not just lazying around in your house, comon! dress up and go out, its going to be a long weekend. Like I said, I came to peep and while am at it, lemme just drop a few style that might inspire you as you dress up for the weekend, enjoy...

Wednesday 23 September 2015

CWP Fitness: 20 Fat Fighting Snacks

I am somewhat busy today and can't really do a post, so I decided to cull this interesting post by one of the few fitness enthusiast I follow Taje Prest of Stylevitae. Instead of snacking on regular junks, switch up your snacks to a more healthy one, I hope you find this helpful....enjoy!!!

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Bolanle Olukanni is the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ for Ghoste Magazine’s New Issue!

Bolanle-Olukanni-Ghoste-Magazine-BellaNaija (1)

Media personality Bolanle Olukanni is on a roll.

From co-hosting the Project Fame West Africa Show to constantly slaying on the red carpet, the Moments with Mo co-host has had a very busy year and she tells Ghoste Magazine all about it in their newest issue.

For the magazine editorial spread, Bolanle channels her inner warrior for ‘The Warrior Issue’ of the magazine as she describes how she stands for truth and feminism.
We love the hot samurai themed editorial shot by Paul Ukonu and styled by Aijay Ukonu.
Check it out below.

Monday 21 September 2015

CWP Person Of The Week - Nifesimi

Hi world!!! Let me guess, your weekend was fab...mine was too. Embrace the new week 'cos its got lots of great opportunities for you, believe me. I just discovered Nifesimi some few weeks back on instagram (where have I been right? I know!) and I love her already. Maybe 'cos I can relate to her soo well, maybe 'cos we shall some things in common...yes! we do; her legs (calves), her hair (natural), her skin tone and then her style is a  big inspiration.

Nifesimi is a Fashion enthusiast, a style blogger at Skinny Hipster and a stylist. If you go through her pictures and end up not loving her already, find me and shoot me **winks** don't blame me if you are arrested though.....

Saturday 19 September 2015

Ankara/Asoebi Style Inspiration

IG: @therealonyinye
 Hey dolls!!! Enjoying your weekend or nah? whats going on; home chilling, attending a ceremony, doing house chores, at the salon, in the office, wash day? whatever it is you doing at the moment, be sure to enjoy yourself. Well dearies, I bring to you Asoebi/Ankara Style inspiration, don't just scan through the pictures, save them, take a walk to your designer and more importantly, share the link to the blog with your friends and families....ahan!! dont be selfish na. **winks**

Here are a few style to inspire you, enjoy....

What in God's name is Cynthia Morgan Wearing?


The Singer went to a club last night dressed like this. If she's trying to be sexy, she failed...if she's trying to set a trend, she failed woefully.

Friday 18 September 2015

What are you Still Waiting For? Register for MISS ALLURE Beauty Pageant 2015

Women are everywhere but QUEENS are scarce.
Let the queen in you come alive
Register for MISS ALLURE Beauty Pageant 2015 today.
Registration closes on the 25th of September 2015...Don’t miss this opportunity. 
Visit : to register and to find out more information.

Celebrity Crush of the Week - DJ Cuppy In Anfrican Prints

Its no news that Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola a.k.a DJ Cuppy has been touring round Africa for her new project "Cuppy Takes Africa" and she has made it a point of duty to wear mostly African prints (ankara) although her tour. I am developing this thing for Ankara and can't help but admire DJ Cuppy for this brave step. She mixes prints and slays; not everyone can pull the Mixed Print trend well and effortlessly. Lets take a look at some of the moments she slay in Ankara.....

Thursday 17 September 2015

CWP Beauty: Different Kinds of Lipsticks

I'm sorry this post is coming somewhat late, its been a busy day for me + my network has been acting up today. I use to think that lipstick application is the simplest makeup application until someone criticized my lipstick some months back **straight face**, the criticism made me want to better my lipstick and makeup application more (I have learnt to take criticisms lightly, no matter how harsh the criticizer only motivates me to do better). Last time on CWP Beauty, I shared 5 Smudge-Proof Lipstick Tricks You Need Today!, lets looks at the different kinds of lipsticks like....sheer, glossy, satin , matte lipstick. Makeup lovers know that these terms help them identify the right kind of lipstick suitable for their lips. So here is a little research...

Wednesday 16 September 2015

CWP Fitness: Different Ways to Squat for a Bigger Butt

Some weeks back, I got a mail from a reader stating that her squats don't seem to be working 'cos according to her, she hasn't seen any result. I told her to watch this space as I will doing a post on squat pretty soon, so here's for the reader that send me the mail and every other person who feel the squat and exercise at large don't work. believe me, you workout will work if you do it the right way, have patience and are consistent. 

My boss will always say "you can't continue doing something same way and expect a different result". one reason your squat exercise is not working could be that you are doing same thing over and over again and more often than not, you are doing it wrongly. Squats doesn't only work on your glute (butt muscles) alone but on your entire lower body: calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, and lower back. They help prevent injuries caused by imbalance or overuse, and they also help with your balance. They are versatile and enjoyable **shines teeth**, whether you are new to the squat world or are bored with your normal workout, here are squat variations to add to your routine....

Monday 14 September 2015

Happy Birthday Glory Ekarika

Happy birthday to this beautiful blogger and SHOE ADDICT, yes! I had to emphasize the shoe addict part, check her blog to see what I mean...babe is obsessed with shoes abeg.

Glowy love, on this special day of yours;
May God be with you and bless you;
May you see your children's children.
May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.

Happy birthday Glowy Shoes, dont finish the cakes oo.

CWP Person Of The Week - Cassandra Oduah

Hey Queens and Kings!!! How did your weekend go? I just want to start the weekend all over; I wasn't ready at all. Special appreciation to you all for the massive love shown to me this past week, I look at my pageviews and read your comments and just cant stop saying to myself "My readers are the awesomest" Gracias!!! 

Mondays are for CWP Person of the week and today we will be having Cassandra Oduah on the blog, She is a stylist, personal shopper and a style blogger. I love her hair and the edginess in her style, believe me you will love her if you see more of her pictures below....

Saturday 12 September 2015

Ankara/Asoebi Style Inspiration

IG: @miss_ritty_jay

Oops!  I almost didnt do this post; its a busy day for me, one of those Saturdays when I have to go to the office and work the little butt God gave me out....Phew!!! Who else is working today? **looks around**. You already know how its goes down here on Saturdays, so, I bring hot new Asoebi/Ankara styles to inspire you....

Friday 11 September 2015

What Beauty Habit do you do before going to bed?

In my last post I shared random beauty tips, (you should read them) and the above was the first pics in the post, looking at closely now, an idea struck me.....okay, I'm curious, which do you do before going to bed, biko no lies oo, let's see how well you treat your skin and body as a whole.

Me? I do like half, lemme analyze....

Random Beauty Tips (Photos)

Yesterday Blogoratti posted "5 Things That Can Zap Your Energy & How To Avoid Them"  and one of the things he mentioned was negative people. I once heard someone said something like "if you wanna live a positive life, avoid negative people" which is the truth and more. This past week I lost interest in doing anything including blogging 'cos I got weigh down by what someone said to me but after yesterday's post, your comments brought me back to life. Lemme first apologize for leaving without any prior info, ejo, biko dont vex for me too much...I'm only human **smiles** and thank you all for always coming around, even when there's no new post, you still come by to check on me **tight e-Hugs**.

As a welcome back **roll eyes** I shall be sharing with you some random Beauty Tips I stole got from a few BBM channel I'm subscribed to. Ermmm, who else is obsessed with BBMC? I'm subscribed to over 30 channels on BBM **looks around** anyone else like me? I think they are highly informative. Anyways, here goes...

Thursday 10 September 2015

#BLUEAfrica presents "Love and Social Media"

B.L.U.E.. acronym for Born Leaders Under Enlightenment, is a coalition of 4 African minds with a boiling desire to make an impact and modify the status Quo of mediocrity both within our selves and the environments within which we operate... Considering the young age of the founders, they aim to create a long lasting impact on the lives of as many young people as possible, One thought at a time, by encouraging them to Dream more.. Believe more.. Aim Higher and  inadvertently achieve more. Founded on the the 11th of October 2014.. #BlueAfrica is here to stay...

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Welcome to September!!!

Goodbye August!!! Hello good to us, treat us right, make our wishes come through, Hello September....WE ARE READY!!! I woke up to so many BBM/Whatapp New Month Prayers and I would like to say one of my fave with you my dear readers "You my feet, I put you under the control of the Almighty, you shall not carry me to where God will not follow me, as I enter the new month....Amen".

Any September baby in the house? **looks around** go ahead and mail me let's give you a shout out.

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