Wednesday 26 July 2017

My Must Have Travel Items

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Women who travel know the struggle of packing their bags, we always wants to pack just everything but do not want to carry much bags. Whether you are a constant girl-on-the-go or an occasional traveler, we all have the problem of how to pack our bags.

I had this problem until I listed out my must-have travel items which has helped me overtime, so I thought to share with you my lovilies.
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I have this purse I have been using since 2014 and I have become so attached to it and even with its not-so-worn-out look, I can't bring myself to replace it yet, maybe because it accommodates a lot. So get a purse that can contain pretty much like:
ATM/Credit cards
ID card
Complementary cards
Chewing gum etc

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You might not forget you phone but are likely to forget its accessories . If you love music like I do, you will be needing your earpiece to listen to music on the go, your charger; I bet you know why and probably a power bank.

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This is always third on my list, I have a bag where I put in the most essentials of my makeup items (I don't carry all), toiletries; soap, perfume, lotion (I like to pour some lotion in a small container depending on how long I'm staying to save space), tooth brush, face wipes, nail file etc.

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I like to travel with books and at least a pen and I would recommend this to you. You never know when that million dollar thought might pop up in your head and you will need a notepad and a pen to write it down, also, to jot notable events and locations. Other books like a magazine or novel will help entertain you whether when enroute or at your destination.

Love James Hadley Chase's novel? Send me an email, let me share with you.

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Yes! Every fashion lover loves sunglasses and should carry at least one when traveling but I like to wear one as I travel so I save safe in my bag and use it to cover my eyes (face) when sleeping and at stopovers so no one notices my swollen eyes or stressed cool is that?

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Of course, you must take clothes with you but how you pack them is what matters. This trick I learnt should help you; roll your clothes up instead of folding, your bag will accommodate more clothes that way.

That's it! Is there something you would add or subtract from this list? Let us know.

Sending e-hugs your way.



  1. Hi, pat, can i please have your email address?

  2. This is totally one in a million... I am currently overwhelmed because I recently want to start fun traveling. Thanks.

  3. This post is so in line with my views and would love to see more of this


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