Thursday 27 November 2014

CWP Beauty: Get the Simple Smokey Brown Eyes (Photos)

Hi beauties, Please forgive me for not posting anything here in the last six days, I have been up to something.....personal, something I can not share here, I hope you understand me and accept my sincere apology. Thanks guys.

For those of you who have been wondering how make-up enthusiasts combine colours on their eyes and still end up looking beautiful, just keep walking with Pat as I share these tricks with you. Today, I want to share with you, How to get a not too dark Smokey Brown Eyes....Just follow these pictures below.

Friday 21 November 2014

Hehehe! Tonto Dikeh is a Beautiful Bald Man!

Have you seen a bald man with makeup on before? lol, you are looking at one now. Tonto is a stunner anyday.

African Celebrities Tagged Most Stylish In 2014 - All 20 Of Them!

We witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly in 2014, and amidst all that were African celebrities who distinguished themselves across the year with their impeccable style and carriage, many of whom are quite new faces, others—veterans in both style and their respective fields, therefore deserve to be called superstars. 

These 20 celebrities not only looked the best through out the year, but they did so flawlessly with little to no faux pas. They reigned supreme on the red carpet and off the red carpet, whether in high end designer outfits or the budget friendly high street, their style star shone the brightest amongst their peers and contemporaries.
This list is in no particular order, except for  the style groupings.

Eku Edowor—TV Personality, Nigerian

See the rest after the cut

Thursday 20 November 2014

CWP Beauty: Apply Makeup the professional way.

I see Makeup as an art that enhance a woman's beauty. A properly done makeup can make a women look more beautiful and stunning. More so, when makeup is wrongly done, a woman can end up looking like a masquerade; I'm sure you know that already. 

However there are many girls who apply makeup without knowing the correct way of doing it, the result of such can be quite hideous as the makeup may look like a patch work. This is very unwanted and therefore many women visit a professional makeup artist when it comes to doing makeup for some special events such as wedding and parties (there is no crime in that though) but then, knowing how to do it you self will not only save you some money (which should be given to some makeup artist) but will also boost your ego, knowing that you can do it yourself.

Doing it you self may seem difficult at first, but with proper/constant practice, you will surely get it right.

So, here goes....

Swag Overload! Eva Alordiah rocks Badt Braid

The rapper showed off this new hair style on her Instagram like?

This Post is Dedicated to YOU!

Heaven knows that from the depth of my heart, I am grateful....grateful for life, for good health, to everyone who has visited my blog, to you who have dropped a comment(s), to you who is reading this right now; I LOVE YOU.

Its been exactly 1 month since I started this blog and I smile as I watched the pageviews grow for 0 to 13,444 *grinning* I never excepted anything like this. Some times I tell myself; "Pat, it is better to stop now that it is still early" but then again when I see comments like....

Wednesday 19 November 2014

See what Toolz After-workout face looks like.

She posted the picture on her IG page this morning after a workout session. Cool!

Kim K's Second Latex Outfit at her perfume Lunch in Austrailia

Kim K is flawless in this latex outfit which see rocked for her 2nd appearance at her perfume Lunch in Austrailia. I think I prefer this one to the first one (see the first outfit here). which of the latex outfit is your fav.

Who is also Loving Rihanna's All Pink outfit.

The singer was photographed at Giorgio Baldi Restaurant, in a pink gingham skirt suit. She knows just what styling is all about; she wore this suit with a pink shoe and a tiny white belt. Classy!

Another pic below...

CWP Fitness: Stretching is very Important.

Hello everyone, have you been trying out all the workout routines I've been sharing here? How effective has it been, what are your results? will like you to share with us. If you have been doing the Crunch, Plank and Squat workout I have shared here and doing it properly, then dearies I'm happy to announce that you are on way to getting that perfect body. Okay, there is something important you have to do when you start your workout routine.....which is STRETCH. Stretching is very important because It can improve your range of motion, increase circulation, calm your mind and most importantly it prevents you from getting injured and straining your muscles.

Here are some stretching routine you can try...

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Nikky Minaj Covers new issue of Complex Magazine.

Nicki Minaj is on the second cover of Complex magazine. She says she doesn't read blogs

I’m not on blogs, so I didn’t know. People see me retweet stuff and they think I’m some Internet person but I’m not. A lot of times, with the controversy surrounding “Lookin’ Ass,” for example, I didn’t know anything about it until it was so late it would’ve been crazy for me to address it.
 See more photos...

Kim K rocks hot latex outfit as she launches new perfume In Australia.

Kim K is still breaking the internet. She wore this beautiful strapless blush-pink latex dress to the launch of her new perfume called Fleur Fatale at Spice Market nightclub in Melbourne, Australia last night.

See more photos as you continue...

CWP Style: Everything Black, Gold and Classy!

I have always love Black and gold, they are one of my fav. colours. These colours put together in an outfit is an awesome sight to behold, I wasn't sure about this until I attended a function this past Saturday and the Dress codes says "Black gown with a touch of Gold". At the function I looked around and smiled cos I liked what I saw.

Black and gold are a perfect combination for any outfit you choose to wear; gown, casual, corporate  or native.

Check a few ways to style your Back and gold outfit. Enjoy... 

Monday 17 November 2014

Would you rock Karrueche Tran's High/Low Top?

Karrueche Tran is out and about in this High/Low Top, you like??

Stop your hair from Breaking.

Hello beauties, How's your week starting out, its Monday and I know most peeps do not like Mondays, but I have really come to love it, cos it the beginning of a working week, and you know, as you work, you earn money *lol* so, that's my logic. Anyways, I shall be sharing with you something interesting that you might was to adopt if you want your hair to stay healthy. A lot of girls suffer from hair breakage, and its not just funny cos your spend so much money on your hair and give all the "care" you think it requires but it ends up breaking and you are left heart broken. 

Our hair just like our stomach need so much care, that is why I have chosen to share these tips on how to stop your hair from breaking.

Here goes...Enjoy

Friday 14 November 2014

CWP Style: Rock the Oleku Twist Dress in Style

It weekend, so there will be a lot of "owambe" to attend and then Church on Sunday, you might want to rock the Oleku Twist Dress.The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. It flatters all body types and is a wardrobe must have.
The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. - See more at:
The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. - See more at:
The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. - See more at:
The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. - See more at:
The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. - See more at:
The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. - See more at:
The oleku twist trend was culled from the popular Yoruba Iro and Buba outfit and revamped to look more stylish than ever, with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns been put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs. - See more at:
This outfit have been trending for sometime now, but not every girl knows how to tie it, not to worry dearies, Pat is here to help out.

Continue to see how to tie this outfit properly and more pics of the outfit in style...



Yeah! Its another Friday and I am super excited cos my weekend looks like its going to be fun, I seriously can't wait to get off work today. What are your plans for the weekend; resting all through? Owanbe? Seeing a Movie? Or working? whichever, don't let nobody spoil your happiness. 

Fridays are also exciting for me cos it the only day we have here to check out style of celebrities we love. Today, I will like us to check out Omawunmi hair style, I love hair styles because it shouts "AFRICA". Omawunmi is a true African woman, a beautiful one at that. Her signature hair style is "Afro" but even if she decides to change her style she still ends up looking as ravishing as ever.

Check more of her style below...

Girls, would you do this to your eyes?

Well, just asking.

Thursday 13 November 2014

Fashion Yes or No?

I'm just wondering how these ladies stay comfy in 'em what if there was a heavy wind? Oh!  I remember, the idea is to show a whole lot of flesh.

Another pic after the cut...

CWP Beauty: How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally (PT 2)!

Hello friends, how's your day starting out? earlier this week, I shared with you 5 home remedies for dark lips (find it here). I shall be concluding the topic with more 5 home remedies for dark lips so that there can be variety of Home made products you can use.


Wednesday 12 November 2014

Fergie rocks the Gun Purse

The last time we spotted the gun purse was on Rihanna. Well, this time, the stylish Fergie was recently photographed out with family in Los Angeles, rocking a Tee, short and the Gun purse.

Don't you think this gun purse is another way to scare 'em thieves away? hehehe.

These Makeup Transformation will WOW you.

This life can be a little funny; there is this makeup artist I admire so much, I pass her office everyday on my way to work, and while passing through I will just peep through the window to admire her beautiful work of art. Unknown to me, I am following same person on IG, that's to tell you how good she is, I even have lots of her work in my phone which I screenshot *lol* Yeah! I am that obsessed with makeup *shines teeth*. The gist is, today as I was passing through her office, I did my usual stuff; admiring her work, my eye moved from the already madeup face to the logo (an eye with the inscription "tintsandties") in between the picture and bang! it registered, I have seen this logo somewhere else, then it occurred to me that I have been admiring and following same person on instagram too. *lol*

The brain behind Tints and ties is Lamide Ojo, her hands are so gifted. These before and after pictures of her clients will surely convince you. Her Egbeda office is not so far from where I work, in case you want to contact her, you might also love to follow her on IG @tintsmakeuppro. I'm doing this because I admire good work of art.

See more photos as you continue...

CWP Fitness: Want a Bigger Butt? Just Squat!!!

Hello friends, How have you been? I'm guess you've doing beautifully well. I have been down with fever but I'm back with a bang! *tambourine jingles* I feel better now. I also want to apologize for not bringing much here in the last five days or so. "Make una no vex plenty". Moving on, let's talk fitness; We've been talking flat tummy all the while, right? lets move on to something else, something you'd love, something you'd do and people will stop and stare.

There are different workout targeted at your glute muscles and squat is one of them. Squat is more effective and very easy to do, not need to wear butt pad or perform a surgery to achieve great result. If you are consistent, you should be seeing results in less than two weeks, Yes! I serious.

How to squat? Continue...

Oh My! Kim Kardashian Cover Paper Magazine in Bare butt (Photos)

Kim K covers December Issue of Paper Magazine baring a lot of flesh, shot by Jean-Paul Goude. According to them...

'For our winter issue, we gave ourselves one assignment: Break The Internet. There is no other person that we can think of who is up to the task than one Kim Kardashian West.
'A pop culture fascination able to generate headlines just by leaving her house, Kim is what makes the web tick.'
See full pic below

Monday 10 November 2014

See What Kim and Khloe K wore to the "Hairfinity" UK Lauch

Kim and Khloe Kardashian came to slay at the Hairfinity launch event in London, with Kim in a beige/peachy number from Juan Carlos Obando’s Spring 2015 collection and Khloe in a short frock by Alexander McQueen:

CWP Beauty: How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally (PT 1)!

Everyone admires people with rosy lips as this is an appealing feature of a woman’s beauty or a man’s good looks. So, many people who have dark lips want to lighten them.
Some of the main causes of dark lips are excessive exposure to direct sunlight, an allergic reaction, use of low-quality cosmetics, chewing tobacco, excessive smoking, high caffeine intake, and hormonal imbalances.
There are many ways to lighten dark lips that don’t require buying expensive products or treatments. Natural home remedies can effectively lighten your lips. The time it takes for these remedies to work varies, so use them as long as needed to achieve the results you want.

Here are the top 5 home remedies for dark lips.

Nicki Minaj Slays in different outfits at the MTV EMAs (Photos)

Nick Nicki Minaj hosted 2014 MTV EMAs last night but all eyes were on her fabulous outfit changes. She wore 8 outfits.
Checkout her looks below

Saturday 8 November 2014

Ankara inspired Nails Art

Have you tried the Ankara nail art? Have you seen it on someone's nails? Didn't you like the sight. The Ankara nail art is a beautiful sight to behold, especially if you are rocking same pattern with the cloth you have on. Beautiful hand painted Ankara nails will make your friends as well as colleagues going green with jealousy! Anyways if you haven't tried it or are thinking of trying it, here are some you might want to try.


Nicki Minaj stuns for Billboard Magazine

Nicki Minaj covered the latest edition of Billboard Magazine ..In it, she addressed critisisms for saying F**k skinny bi*tches in her Anaconda track ..She said
"In the song I kind of say, ‘F**k them skinny girls.' But it's all love. I consider myself a skinny girl."I went overboard with the video to show that I'm not going to hide. And those big-booty dancers I have, they're not going to hide. Black girls should feel sexy, powerful and important too."

Friday 7 November 2014

See what Omoni Oboli Wore to the Afro Hollywood Awards

She is a mother of three and still look as dazzling as ever.

You like?

Who Wore it Better? Khloe Kardashian vs. Draya Michele

Khloe Kardashian stepped out for a lunch date earlier today in what appears to be the same Just Enaj Sensation Bodycon Dress previously spied on Draya Michele.

Who would you hit?

More photos as you continue...


If you are talking Nigerian TV Presenters and the name Stephanie Coker doesn't pop up, then you haven't started talking. Steph is an exciting and spontaneous personality, you can't help but love her. If you watch MTV Base, you should be familiar with this TV girl who knows how to slay any outfit she wears, she knows how to combine her great fashion style with grace and elegance.

So, keep calm and love Stephanie Coker. More photos as you continue...

Thursday 6 November 2014

Fashion Yes or No?


So, I'm going to leave it to you guys, Sexy or Trashy???

WOW Cover! Joan Smalls and Charles "Lil Buck" Riley cover WSJ Innovators Issue November 2014 (Photos)

OMG! Dancer Charles 'Lil Buck' Riley and model Joan Smalls cover WSJ Innovators Issue November 2014 with amazing poses.

See more photos as you continue...

Red Hot! Kendall Jenner looks classy as she strikes poses during photoshoot (Photos)

Kendall Jenner is becoming more popular as the day goes by, the 19 year old Kendall was spotted shooting a campaign on the streets of LA.

See more pics as you continue...

CWP Beauty: Wiggle! Get Your Mascara Application Right.

Hi beauties, remember last time on CWP Beauty, I talked about "How to Draw A Perfect Eyebrow" here. Did you try my technique? Was it helpful? I will love to hear from you. Ok, today I shall share tips on how to apply Mascara the right way; We all know that the eye is an essential part of the body and mascara is an essential element of eye makeup, right? Mascara gives your eyes an inviting look by highlighting them. If you make any mistakes while applying mascara, you risk spoiling your entire makeup and your look.

We all have our own ways of applying mascara and no one way is necessarily the right way… if you are happy with the result you get, then it’s a good way for you! But you might want to try these simple techniques below.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Nicki Minaj is Hot and Sexy on the Cover of V Magazine's Winters Issue

Nicki Minaj is sexy and she knows it. She believes she is different and unique. Here is what she said to V Magazine:  

“I always push the envelope, because I’m Nicki Minaj. I have to. No matter who I’m on a song with, I feel like I have to say at least one thing no one else is willing to say. Whether it’s Madonna, Britney, or Beyoncé, they always tell me, ‘Yes. Be Yourself. Talk your shit.'”

Find more Pics below

CWP Inspiration: Your Flaws are Beautiful!

Did you know that your flaw is something you should embrace, love and cherish? Yes! cos that's what makes you human, nobody is perfect. Someone said to me sometime ago "I never see that fine girl wey something no spoil her fine" if you know what that means; we all have flaws. All that is important is how you accept your flaws.  Each morning I look in the mirror and say to the person I see in there "You are beautiful" not because I am exceptionally beautiful, but because I know what my imperfections are, and have come to see them as my perfect imperfections. You too can do same. Love your flaws dearies, they bring out the beauty in you.

Continue to read more inspirational quotes...

Ciara’s Stuns in Black Leather Overalls (Photos)

The songstress and one of Future's baby mamas went for dark and stormy at the Topshop/Topman NYC Flagship dinner yesterday in a black crop top and black leather overalls by the brand.

You like?  Another pic as you continue...

OMG! Rihanna goes nude,wet & wild for Esquire UK December Issue

Rihanna is back and there is no stopping her...She just keep slaying these magazine covers. She is dripping with sexiness for Esquire UK December issue.

The singer was just on the Elle US magazine cover a few days ago (here) and now she's fronting for the Esquire UK magazine’s December 2014 issue. While Elle mixed demure with edgy, here Rihanna goes all out wet, wild and sexy. She shared the pics on her newly reinstated Instagram page.

See more pics as you continue...

CWP Fitness: 5 Food You Must Avoid to Achieve Your Flat Tummy Goal.

Hello everyone, how's your day starting out? Mine is freaking cold 'cos I was drench by the rain, choi! no be small thing. But that shouldn't stop me from serving you hot sweet fitness tips this morning, should it? *smiles* of course not. Moving on, remember I have been talking about how to achieve flat tummy for past two weeks, right? see here and here if you missed them. So, today I want to share with you "5 Food You Must Avoid to Achieve Your Flat Tummy Goal." You know, if you keep working out on your tummy but do not eat right, you can never achieve your goal, therefore you have to be mindful of what goes into your mouth as this is very important.

So dearies, come along as I share this fitness tips with you. Enjoy!

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Obafemi Martins’ Son is CWP Fashionable Kid of the Day. *hehehe*

The little boy who clocked one last month is growing up so fast, I can bet he will break the heart of many girls, Chai!

See another photo as you continue...

Who Rocked It Better? Jennifer Lopez VS Rochelle Humes.

Both beautiful women wore same  Christian Louboutin Mrs Boulglione Black Suede Cutout Booties. J Lo wore hers last week which she paired with a green crop top and pants while Rochelle Humes paired the shoes with her very own fur-trim coat for her clothing line.

Who won the battle?

The shoe is beautiful.

Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta Laid to Rest (Photos)

The fashion world mourned the loss of one of its greatest designers on Monday at the private funeral of Oscar de la Renta, who died last month at 82 after battling cancer.
The tall Dominican-born de la Renta dressed New York socialites, Hollywood stars and American first ladies during a career that spanned five decades.
Former U.S. Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton; former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vogue magazine Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, spoke during the service at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
“It was a beautiful ceremony,” said Heather Petrie, 31, a member of the choir.
“It was a celebration of life” with “lots of music, an

Rihanna photographed in matching wool and cotton blend ribbed knit Outfit.

Ok, yes! I love Rihanna and I'm not denying it at all. Why? 'cause I respect her Fashion style so much despite the fact that she likes to bare it all sometimes, in case you wondering why I am talking much of about Rihanna. Now, back to the post; Rihanna was photographed dressed in matching wool and cotton blend ribbed knit Outfit on her way for dinner. She accessorized her chic and casual look with a Box bag, a pair of large hoop earrings and nude pointy-toe pumps.

More photos as you continue...

CWP Style: Rock The Demin Shirt in Style.

To remain fashionable, there are Fashion pieces that shouldn't be found wanting in your closet as a girl, one of them is the Denim Shirt. Denim shirts are  admirable and so versatile. They can be styled in so many different ways, and can also be worn during any season. Let’s not forget about the fact that they are super comfy, especially if you find one made with soft denim. It been trending for long and I think it a fashion piece that have come to stay. So, there is no reason why a fine babe like you should own one.

Confused on how to rock a denim shirts, get some inspiration here:

Monday 3 November 2014

Bad Gal Rihanna Covers Elle Magazine's December Issue.

Rihanna is the new covergirl of ELLE Magazine’s December Issue!

See more photos as you continue...

Lupita Nyong'o's is Black & Beautiful on the Cover of Glamour December 2014 Issue (Photos)

12 Years a Slave actress, Lupita Nyong'o shines on the Cover of Glamour December 2014 Issue.
See more photos as you continue.

Bride-To-Be? Beautiful Wedding Nails to Try!

A lot of my friends/acquaintances are getting married like kilode; I can't even count the number of friends that got married just this year *hehehe* that was an exaggeration na, how many friends I get self? but seriously I attended more wedding this year than I have ever done all my life. 

When I see a bride, the things that catch my attention are the Gown, Hair, Make-up and Nails, yes! Nails. The nails go a

Who wore it Better - Rihanna VS Fan

Who won the battle guys?
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