Thursday 20 November 2014

This Post is Dedicated to YOU!

Heaven knows that from the depth of my heart, I am grateful....grateful for life, for good health, to everyone who has visited my blog, to you who have dropped a comment(s), to you who is reading this right now; I LOVE YOU.

Its been exactly 1 month since I started this blog and I smile as I watched the pageviews grow for 0 to 13,444 *grinning* I never excepted anything like this. Some times I tell myself; "Pat, it is better to stop now that it is still early" but then again when I see comments like....
"Kudos Pat" "Good job Keep it up" I get my strength back...I must say, you guys are the "bestest" (permit me to use that word). Thank you so much, I really do appreciate.

INTRODUCING A SEGMENT.....If you have noticed, I haven't done "CWP Person of the Week" for he past two weeks + it is no longer on the sidebar, that's because I want to celebrate my readers in my little way. Therefore, I'm replacing  "CWP Person of the Week" with "CWP Reader of the Month", cool stuff right? I know. 

Anyways, here's the gist: Every first Monday of the month I shall post Pictures and profile of one of Catwalk with PAT readers. Towards the end of each month I shall ask for readers to send in their profile and picture of which I shall post the reader who has the highest COMMENTS on posts for the month, this reader also gets a little token of Recharge card as appreciation. (It might be little but please do accept it from your heart). This is another way of connecting with my readers and also for reader to advertise whatever they have (Talent, Business, Company, Handiwork) anything. Remember, you must have commented on most of the post and you picture shall be on the sidebar for a whole month. 

Dearies, this is just my little way of saying thank you for vising my blog for the past 1 month.
  • Thank you for being my blog reader always, not just when it is convenient.
  • Thank you for comments, they put smiles on my face.
  • Thank you for being honest with me when you criticize some of my posts.
  • Thank you for being my family online.
  • Thank you for all the motivation
  • Thank you for walking with PAT
Always remember that "People will STARE; make it worth their while.

I love your COMMENTS, I love YOU. *kisses*
Thank you for being my blog reader always, not just when it was convenient. - See more at:


  1. Awwww Pat, I love this. Thank you also for being there. I got your back.


    1. Thank you beauty, I'm grateful I have people like you.

  2. So nice of u miss pat.


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