Friday 14 November 2014



Yeah! Its another Friday and I am super excited cos my weekend looks like its going to be fun, I seriously can't wait to get off work today. What are your plans for the weekend; resting all through? Owanbe? Seeing a Movie? Or working? whichever, don't let nobody spoil your happiness. 

Fridays are also exciting for me cos it the only day we have here to check out style of celebrities we love. Today, I will like us to check out Omawunmi hair style, I love hair styles because it shouts "AFRICA". Omawunmi is a true African woman, a beautiful one at that. Her signature hair style is "Afro" but even if she decides to change her style she still ends up looking as ravishing as ever.

Check more of her style below...


Hair Style to die

Image credit - Google & Instagram @omawonder

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