Wednesday 12 November 2014

These Makeup Transformation will WOW you.

This life can be a little funny; there is this makeup artist I admire so much, I pass her office everyday on my way to work, and while passing through I will just peep through the window to admire her beautiful work of art. Unknown to me, I am following same person on IG, that's to tell you how good she is, I even have lots of her work in my phone which I screenshot *lol* Yeah! I am that obsessed with makeup *shines teeth*. The gist is, today as I was passing through her office, I did my usual stuff; admiring her work, my eye moved from the already madeup face to the logo (an eye with the inscription "tintsandties") in between the picture and bang! it registered, I have seen this logo somewhere else, then it occurred to me that I have been admiring and following same person on instagram too. *lol*

The brain behind Tints and ties is Lamide Ojo, her hands are so gifted. These before and after pictures of her clients will surely convince you. Her Egbeda office is not so far from where I work, in case you want to contact her, you might also love to follow her on IG @tintsmakeuppro. I'm doing this because I admire good work of art.

See more photos as you continue...


  1. All I can say is Wow!!!!!!!! Such transformation

  2. You can lie for Africa. I see u sleep and wake up on Mack so all this long grammar so you can sound convincing, so why havn't you posted it here since. She will hype and collect money you are here doing freebies.

  3. Am new here. Book me in

  4. The transformation in each of these pictures is amazing.....

    Support Saving Father

  5. WOW


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