Thursday 6 November 2014

CWP Beauty: Wiggle! Get Your Mascara Application Right.

Hi beauties, remember last time on CWP Beauty, I talked about "How to Draw A Perfect Eyebrow" here. Did you try my technique? Was it helpful? I will love to hear from you. Ok, today I shall share tips on how to apply Mascara the right way; We all know that the eye is an essential part of the body and mascara is an essential element of eye makeup, right? Mascara gives your eyes an inviting look by highlighting them. If you make any mistakes while applying mascara, you risk spoiling your entire makeup and your look.

We all have our own ways of applying mascara and no one way is necessarily the right way… if you are happy with the result you get, then it’s a good way for you! But you might want to try these simple techniques below.

Do This


1. Use an eyelash curler
The first mistake that most women commit is to apply mascara on straight lashes. Before you apply mascara, you should always use an eyelash curler. It lifts up your lashes a bit and opens up your eyes, making them look bigger. It is essential for ladies who have thin lashes which are not easily noticeable. So, curl up your lashes first, and only then move on to applying mascara.

2. Select the right mascara
You should use the right mascara to get the effect you want. You may want to add volume to your lashes, or you may want to make them longer. Different kinds of mascara and brushes offer different results that may suit your choice. So, take some pain to select the right kind of mascara that you’d need. Also, get several different kinds and colors of mascara to use them on different occasions.

3. Be careful about the direction
The direction of mascara application can make a whole lot of difference to your eye makeup and look. Apply mascara on your eyelashes in the upward direction, going from the roots and straight upward.

4. Go the right way
Do not apply mascara going from your temple towards your nose. Start the other way around. This would help to point your eye lashes in the right direction.

5. Lower lid lashes
Do not put as much mascara on your lower lashes, as you do on the upper ones. Dip the brush into mascara, apply it on your upper lashes. Now apply the remainder mascara to your lower lid lashes.

You know I love to know if this is helpful. Also, if you have a different technique, feel free to share it here. I love you all.


  1. Thanks for this post Pat. i prefer Mascara to artificial lashes, I'll put this in practice.

    Mz Gracy

    1. You are always welcome Mz Gracy....thanks for dropping your comment.


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