Wednesday 5 November 2014

CWP Inspiration: Your Flaws are Beautiful!

Did you know that your flaw is something you should embrace, love and cherish? Yes! cos that's what makes you human, nobody is perfect. Someone said to me sometime ago "I never see that fine girl wey something no spoil her fine" if you know what that means; we all have flaws. All that is important is how you accept your flaws.  Each morning I look in the mirror and say to the person I see in there "You are beautiful" not because I am exceptionally beautiful, but because I know what my imperfections are, and have come to see them as my perfect imperfections. You too can do same. Love your flaws dearies, they bring out the beauty in you.

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I hope this inspires someone out there. Pat sends kisses to all of you. *smiles*

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