Thursday 30 October 2014

CWP Beauty: How to Draw A Perfect Eyebrow.

Wondered how most celebrities end up with perfect, near-natural brows? wonder no more dearies; because, today I shall be sharing easy steps on How to Draw A Perfect Eyebrow. I see a lot of girls with funny eyebrow and I'm like; "Did they just release some masquerades today?" lol. Anyway, You too can get that eyebrow right if you follow these easy steps.
Read on,

Do This

1. Brush out your well-shaped eyebrows with an eyebrow/spoolie brush,
 2. Draw two slanted parallel lines. First line, just below the lower brow and the second, a little above  the upper brow. Then fill in the brows with the eyebrow pencil,
3. Join both lines, form an arch and begin to draw down a line which should not be too long.
4. Blend out the eye pencil color by using the eyebrow brush/spoolie to brush the brow,
5. Using a well angled eyebrow brush, highlight the brows with a concealer one shade lighter than your skin colour, use your hand to blend it.

6. And you are done.

You see? easy!
I hope you find the post helpful.


  1. WOOH! Am very happy to come across this post,thank you so much it's over helpful.

  2. You didn't tell us how to shape it.

    1. Oh! that will be a post for another day. I use razor for mine. but tweezers are best for shaping the eyebrow, though a little painful, it last longer. Thanks for giving me the idea.

  3. Replies
    1. im happy you found it helpful...welcome dear.


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