Monday 27 October 2014

CWP Person of the Week - Vivian Ezike

Hi Sweeties, meet Vivian Ezike the gorgeous Fashionista whose style will blow you mind. Her style can be described as chick, classy, sexy, simple and most importantly comfortable.
Vivian is a student in Toronto, Canada. She is also a fashion blogger

I love her style, am sure you going to love it too.
Continue to see more of her style

Some of her shoes

Sandals to die for

You can also follow here on Instagram - @vivientann


  1. Ok now I see where Kassy was going with that talk
    Babe how come you are copying Mack beauty and fashion style of blogging? You should be different in what you do, even to the way she sounds when writing it is too bad and this is the last time I will visit this blog, I hate copy cat!

    1. Wow! I guess it high time I addressed this issue of copying from somewhere else. When I was about starting this blog I visit a whole lot of Fashion and Style blog where I got some of my ideas from and instil into my own blog, which i think is normal. Also, I compose my words myself so I see no reason why I should "steal" someone's writing style. So dear, I wish you can stay here a little longer and see that I totally different from other bloggers but if you insist on leaving *smiles* who Im I to make you stay.

  2. Well I see nothing wrong in that too but common you for sure know what I am talking about and if you are sincere you will see that I am not lying, I visit a lot of Fashion blog too but that Mack is quite different in her style and what she puts up. Any body that visits that blog will say the same thing.

  3. WOW ! ! !
    That's one of the most intelligent epic reply i've ever seen !
    Damn miss Nwabueze,you are too fucking good !
    Let her fly away ,you don't need such energy around you because you've got others .

    1. Awwww! Anonymous, I dont know who you are, but I can feel it in my vein that you are beautiful soul. Thanks.


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