Wednesday 22 October 2014

CWP Style: Guys! Get in here.

Ok Guys, I stumbled on a post by Denola Grey on Party from Daytime to Night Time in Style with these 6 Fashionable Tips, so I decided to share it here. Hope you find them inspiring. Enjoy!

Over time I’ve become a fashion anthropologist – trying to save earth by eradicating one bad outfit at a time. Recently I’ve noticed some growing trends in the party scene that need to be addressed as soon as possible and we will be treating them  today. From how not to dress when you’re partying at night with the crew to heading out in the sun for a brunch or social event, here are some key tips to never forget alongside your car keys and wallet.

Partying the night away in style – Tips

1. Slippers and clubs are a no-no

Guys, while I appreciate the enthusiasm we have for the casual laid-back style, we mustn’t take it too far. Since my move back to Lagos, one time too many I’ve seen men wearing slippers to the club. Don;t get me wrong, I appreciate the confidence and gusto it takes to walk into a broken-glass obstacle course like SIP or Escape, but it’s really not appropriate. Velvet Slippers are an easy substitute or even tassel loafers. Your feet thank you in advance.

2. The tee should be the right size

To everyone that has recently joined the #fitfam and #gymflow movement, I applaud you! Get your fitness on! But as you’re getting more built, it might be tempting to show off your biceps and packs and all, don’t take it too far! Refrain from buying Tees that are two sizes too small. It is never a good look. Don’t cross the line between looking ‘swole’ and looking flat out ‘SWOLLEN’. You are not interviewing to be a bouncer at a club or an extra in Magic Mike.

3. Shorts are not a bad thing

 Listen, Nigeria is hot!!! I never really liked wearing shorts before because; I was quite self-conscious about my knees. When I moved back however, and I was killing myself daily by wearing denim and thick chinos, I quickly got over that insecurity. Guys, it’s okay to wear shorts! Granted there is a time and place (i.e Don’t wear shorts to a the club), but you can still wear them and look suave. Wear it with a nice tee and a blazer over it and you look like you fit right in at the Hamptons. Everyone loves a good Hamptons comparison. Now, for those of you who want to wear shorts but can’t because you keep missing leg day in the gym, its time to get it right. Word on the street is that girls appreciate guys with nice legs too. Who knew?!

Daytime partying never looked so good – Tips

 Have you ever been faced with this problem? You’re invited to a brunch or a party during the day and the dress code is ‘semi formal’. Lord knows I have had mild anxiety on Saturday mornings looking for an outfit that wouldn’t make me carry last among the guests. I have since developed an easy formula to help me when getting dressed for such events.
There are three things to know when dressing up for a daytime party.
1. White is your friend: A white shirt is a good base that goes with any light or earth tone blazer. White trousers are also good too.
2. Avoid heavy materials: Don’t wear corduroy blazers or heavy denim. Opt for light chinos or even cotton/linen blends for the trousers. You don’t have to wear a tie either. Keep all the materials to a light breezy minimum.
3. Loafers, Boat Shoes or Light colored velvet slippers are the footwear of choice: Coffee brown tassel loafers are always a good choice of footwear. It says formal and casual at the same time.

Culled -Bella naija

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