Saturday 25 October 2014

Great Stuffs Guys!!! Become a Retailer for AVON

 Become a retailer for AVON UK products and earn yourself some cool cash. It so easy.

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AVON UK products at AVON brochure price or LESS. Like page for Wholesale shipped weekly directly to Nigeria or Retail through our Nigerian Retailers


To provide Nigerian retail business owners with a reliable source for original AVON products in Nigeria and while doing so develop and increase brand awareness of AVON accross Nigeria


Wholesale supplies of AVON products shipped directly to Nigerian retailers.

Everyone loves AVON, especially in Africa but finding a good source for original AVON products can prove difficult so we fill in that gap providing our customers with a reliable source for ALL their AVON needs at AVON advertised prices or less.

All products promoted on this page are intended for wholesale buyers with minimum order values set, retail buyers are referred to our growing list of retailers in Nigeria who have previously bought their original AVON stock from the AVON in Nigeria page and are currently selling retail quantities in Nigeria

Becoming one of our established retailers and adding your name to our growing corp of AVON retailers is a great way to start selling AVON products in Nigeria with the assurance of genuine products and the support of AVON in Nigeria in promoting your stock.

Joining is easy, just make a purchase above minimum order value and pay for shipping to Nigeria. As all products are sold at AVON prices or below shipping cost is paid by the buyers. Or you can buy a starter pack which is a compilation of the most popular products which are already costed for shipping to Lagos. Starter packs are a great way of starting your AVON business in Nigeria aseach pack comes with FREE advance brochures FREE sales tools and a free gift for shopping with AVON in Nigeria.

Shop now to become one of our valued retailers or simply shop for yourself at an affordable price, whichever you decide, you are most welcome.

Visit their Facebook page at to get more info.


  1. I have contacted AVON b4 they said is possible for me since I am staying in Nigeria. Thanks Pat this is good news for me God bless you.

  2. #nwaoba...hahaha, o kwa ndi ocha, ego gi a naaa. I go now tell u ntooooo!!! Lol


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