Monday 27 October 2014

Do Guys wear Leg Chain too?

Guys, this question is for you.
I went for a friend's comedy show yesterday, as I entered the hall and got settled, I scanned through the guests around then my eyes caught something; a leg chain on a guys leg (what??). I thought it was absurd for a guy to be putting on such but a voice inside me said "Come on Pat, you are just being old fashioned, if girls can, why not the guys". Like seriously?
I had to crop out his head because he is a friend to a friend to a friend of mine. lol. 
See the close up shot of the leg chain as you continue.

So guys, let me know your view on this. Have anyone come across a guy wearing a leg chain? I am just curious.


  1. That is not new, guys do put on leg chain, mostly chains that look masculin, but that may be a fashion for the gay dudes.

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