Monday 3 November 2014

Bride-To-Be? Beautiful Wedding Nails to Try!

A lot of my friends/acquaintances are getting married like kilode; I can't even count the number of friends that got married just this year *hehehe* that was an exaggeration na, how many friends I get self? but seriously I attended more wedding this year than I have ever done all my life. 

When I see a bride, the things that catch my attention are the Gown, Hair, Make-up and Nails, yes! Nails. The nails go a
long way to complement every other thing a bride has on. So, choosing the style of nails you want for your big day is very important.

I am dedicating this post to bride-to-be who are still confuse on the kind of nails they want for that special day, I hope you get inspiration from these photos.

What do you guys think? Your comment makes me smile!


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