Saturday 21 February 2015

Ankara/Asoebi Style Inspiration

Hey friends!!! How are you doing?.....Have you been in a situation where you see a lovely style on the internet, sharperly save it to your phone and take it to your tailor to re-create the style. He/she tells you, "Aunty, come back on Friday to pick the clothe". You leave and return on Friday, in your mind, you are like "I'm goon make 'em STARE until their lips drop" Then you try the cloth and its entirely different from the style you gave your tailor? choi!! very painful, I tell you. hehehehe

Well dearies, I have done my duty by getting some Ankara/Asoebi Styles that you might want to try, all you need now is a good tailor. Enjoy...


  1. Beautiful styles, i love all of them. How re u dear Pat?

  2. Haaaa Pat, it has happened to me oo. I was just ranting ehn, come and see pleas na **dont worry i will amend it, please calm down, e nor too bad as you dey see am, etc
    the luck i had was that the material i used was not expensive.

    Beautiful styles..

    1. Lmao....I can imagined Cass. It has happened to me before, im sure i cried. lol

  3. My tailor no dey fail me,only when I try new tailors I regret my my life.
    I love them all except number 3.

  4. I tire for this my network, it doesn't load all the pictures

    The few ones I saw look lovely as usual

    I can relate with those tailor ish ooo. Mine will even say " ehn naw, I know the style" it's a lie ooo. She will end up creating her own style yeye woman!!!!

  5. The figures on these belles na die!! They all look breathtaking.....

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