Tuesday 24 February 2015

CWP Style: Look Like a Goodess with Jewelled Headbands

Kim K
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Lets talk about Jewelled Headbands today...
Omo Sexy
 Jewelled headbands are great for looking chic and drawing attention to a pretty face and also for keeping your hair under control, they give you that goddess/princess look. They come in different varieties and can be made from different types of metal such as gold, diamonds or rhinestones to create exquisite pieces that are timeless as well as beautiful. continue...

Victoria Kimani
 This trend has been on for a while, made popular by Kim Kardashian when she got married to her former husband, Kris Humphries. The head chain jewell continued to gain popularity all through 2014 and found its way to the Nigerian red carpet, worn by our celebrities and fashion forward ladies. In this New Year, we will definitely see more ladies wearing this accessory as it has a lovely way of sitting comfortably on the heads of beautifully dressed ladies and giving them that ethereal goddess look. This jewelled piece helps to add pizzazz to already glitzy attire.

Taylor Swift
These gorgeous and intricate chain headpieces are mainly worn in a gypsy style to adorn the front of the hair or worn over the forehead. This intriguing hair pieces can be worn for a formal evening affair, night date, birthday party and fun outing with friends to enhance the beauty of the head and face.

Brides too

The hard metal jewelled chains come in different unique styles and details and are incredibly embellished with brass-plated, silver or gold chains, pearls, rhinestone, crystal stones, leaf accents, coins and so much more. You can choose one that suits your personal taste and style.

Selena Gomez
One of the most important things to think about when buying fashionable jewelled headbands is to make sure the scale of the headband harmonizes with the size and shape of your face. 

For example, if you have a wide/full face, a single skinny headband will emphasise that by making it look bigger in comparison and if you have a narrow/small face, vice versa. If you have a round and wide face, then headbands will show off the shape. Go ahead and embrace this trend! Dress up your hair with this trendy jewelled chain headband and come out looking like a beautiful princess!

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  1. Those of us with big head nko?lol

    It's looks pretty good on them all looking like indiana..........

  2. Hmmmn nice but can I rock it?looks too Ghen Ghen for me.i can only rock it on my wedding day but unfortunately I don do my wedding, maybe naming sha.lolz


    1. How about trying it for your baby shower huh?? **winks


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