Thursday 5 February 2015

CWP Beauty: How often to you Bath your Makeup brushes?

Everyday you go into the bathroom and bath yourself thoroughly; you get out, dab you body with a clean tower, moisturize your body with expensive lotion and oil before facing the mirror to apply makeup on your gorgeous face with brushes which you haven't washed since God knows when.

Last week I shared how we can achieve a smooth skin with cucumber (find it here). Now, no matter how much you apply cucumber mask (or other beauty therapies) on your face but do not give your makeup brushes regular bath, you are not doing your face any good. When you use your brushes, bits of makeup, oil, dirt, and even bacteria can get trapped in the bristles. So while it might seem basic, skipping this step can lead to clogged pores and pesky breakouts.

How often should you wash your makeup brushes?...

I think once a month isn't a bad idea.

Right way to wash your makeup brush...

You will need:
• A shallow bowl
• Gentle clarifying shampoo or baby shampoo
• Your sink
• A lint free cloth

  1. Begin by running your brushes under lukewarm water, rinsing out all of the residual makeup. Try to focus on the actual bristles while avoiding the part of the brush where handle meets the head, as this can loosen the glue over time
  2. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a squirt of shampoo, and gently swirl your brush tip in the water. If you need to, you can also swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to work up a lather.
  3. Rinse the brush tip under running water once again. Repeat steps two and three until the water runs clear from the brush,
  4. Use a cloth to wipe your brush clean, reshaping the bristles as you go.
  5. Lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry.
And there you have it! Your makeup brushes will be as clean a whistle. It’s also worth mentioning that there are specially formulated brush shampoos in the market. A baby shampoo will do the trick just fine though.

I hope you find this post helpful

much love dearies!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Pat, I've always knew its important to wash my makeup brush but didnt know how?

  2. *smiles...thats why Im here for you darl

  3. Coversface*it's been long I washed my makeup brushes

  4. Really lovely tips.....very nice blog
    I wash my brushes after every single use....I use regular but mild liquid soap/shampoo and also leave them to soak in conditioner. Sometimes I feel I treat my brushes better than my hair

    1. Yayyy!! look who dropped by. I really do appreciate you comment. Gracias


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