Thursday 19 February 2015

CWP Beauty: Get rid of Bacne Naturally

I used to have these annoying acne on my back, I can neither wear strapless or sleeveless clothes because of  its appalling sight, phew!! so, I know what it feel like not being able to wear certain clothes because of acne on your back.

Bacne are acne on the skin of a person's back."if you have a severe case of bacne, it's worth consulting a dermatologist".

In order to prevent/cure bacne it is very important; increase your water intake, shower more frequently, avoid tight clothing, change your bedsheets regularly, avoid making contact with dirty surfaces like the wall or the ground. Also, look out for products containing salicylic acid. Here are 3 natural do-it-yourself-scrubs to help get rid of bacne. Enjoy...

1. Lemon & Sugar Scrub
You will need: Lemon, Honey, Olive Oil, Sugar(Brown sugar preferably, but white will work too)
  • Add equal amounts lemon juice and olive oil into a bowl and mix together
  • Add the honey into the bowl and mix till a paste is formed
  • Add the sugar, and mix. If you sense that the sugar is not enough to scrub, add more.
  • Apply all over the affected area, leave it to dry out for about 5-10 minutes, then wash off with warm water
2. Oatmeal & Milk Body Scrub
You will need: Oatmeal, milk, clean water, a clean bowl
  • Pour half a cup of oatmeal into a dry bowl
  • Add half a cup of powdered milk into the bowl also
  • Add water
  • Mix till it forms a paste
  • Apply on the back and leave it to dry out for 20-30minutes, then wash it off.
3. Tomato & Yoghurt Scrub
You will need: Tomato, Yoghurt, Mint leaves
  • Blend as many Tomatoes as you think you will need
  • Add an equal amount of Yoghurt
  • Squeeze/Blend mint leaves
  • Mix till a paste is formed
  • Apply on the affected area, leave it to dry out for about 20minutes, then wash it off with warm water
NOTE: All scrubs can be used daily for bacne, but as time goes usage should be reduced gradually till it reaches once a week.



  1. To add to this,we can also use these recipe on our face for exfoliation.
    Thank me later.


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