Friday 20 February 2015

Nigerians are Beautiful! Nigerian woman on the UK Lands Cover of Boots Mag

Ijeoma Kalu
Out of a whopping 8,500 entries, a Nigerian woman in the UK, Ijeoma “Ijay” Kalu won the opportunity to be the cover star of the March 2015 edition of Boots Health & Beauty.After choosing 17 women for the final casting of the issue to celebrate real women, Ijay emerged a finalist, and eventually, the winner!
see magazine cover after the cut....

Ijeoma Kalu Boots Health and BeautyHealth   Beauty March   April 2015 copy


  1. Congrats IJ .That face and 'TEETH SHINING' is charming . More beautiful opportunities to you dear .
    Pat nne , I saw the offer down there . Thanks dear . But I no want get heart attack from onu umu uwa .
    Still in shock from what went down at Stella's .

    1. lol...Nnenna its okay if you do not want to...I have been cyber bullied before...I was so pained but after some days, I got over it. so I know how it feels.

  2. Wow amazing

    Congrats....More to come

    @Nnena I read sdk all light lolz as sleep no come so I just entertained myself

    @Pat you wan dey drag Richard Cards with us hehehehehehe crazy set of people.

    1. Chinco dear that drama was really funny and sad at the same time .
      I thought I was reading Nigeria movie script with patience Ozokwor as the main character .
      Fear take style bellefull my hunger o!

    2. Chinco bee, anything to get my comment at the top and draw people's attention ooo(you know what that means) besides, who no like free thing?? *winks*

    3. Lol yes ooooo I understand!

      Lol@Nnena that one pass Nollywood sef choi

  3. Errm you guys should fill me in nah,what drama?been missing in action on SDK recently, I detest all the dramas going on there.
    I can't deal.


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