Friday 13 February 2015

Halima Abubakar is angry at Fans who cussed her out for wearing an Outfit

Halima Abubakar is angry at her "fans" who have criticized this outfit. She said it is a top and not a bra as some of her followers on IG alleged, so she posted the pic above to prove it.


  1. am sure she doesnt have a stylist but if she does, she should just sack him/her. How is this thing a top? SMH

  2. I can just imagine that rag she wore as dress,some artiste forgot that they are Africans...

  3. African or not, this is rubbish. She could have at least worn the top *coughs* bra *coughs* with a maxi skirt or something. Her style is just sad and reply is even sadder.

    1. **drum rolls** thanks for stopping by dear. Welcome

  4. Hahahahahahahaha...
    Hali babe you're a beautiful clown !
    You could've lay the blame on your China iron that burnt your top & your reason for wearing it was to show the world what CHINA IRON is capable of doing !(even though na lie) .
    Which year do yo think we're right now ?
    Who in their right state of fashion mind wears sequence material from head to down when is not jumpsuit or dinner dress . And very hot pink , not to talk of your heel choice.
    Not only that , your blazer was too short and hung you too tight .
    Google how to dress like a fashonista my dear .
    Sorry for the attack ,make me eat my word & laughter by getting a stylist and give me that :YEAH,FUCK YOU BITCH which i'll take with a bow .


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