Thursday 26 February 2015

CWP Beauty: Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial with Ure Akwiwu Of Beauty Boulevard

I love ombre makeup and it’s a huge trend at the moment, we have learned how to get an Ombre Lips (find it here) if you are not sure how she drew her brow (read here). Why not try out this uber chic mania at home with the help of the beautiful and talented MUA Ure Akwiwu to achieve an ombre eyeshadow look I’m calling The Purple Haze. J. continue...

ombre tutorial photo 1-10
Start with a clean, moisturized and primed face. Line your brows using a chocolate brown brow pencil.

Clean, moisturized, primed face and lined brows.

– Prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer/eyeshadow base.
– Apply a warm orangey-brown eyeshadow base that’s close to your skin tone in your crease using a blending brush. Blend it upwards in circular motions towards your brow bone and stop just beneath your brow. This will act as your transition color.
ombre eyeshadow tutorial 3-5

–   Apply your first lid color. Start with a light pink shadow with gold undertones. Apply this to the inner 1/3rd portion of your lids. Build the color to your satisfaction.
ombre eyeshadow tutorial 5-5

– For your second lid color, apply a hot pink shadow to the middle portion of your lid and blend the edges into your first color.
ombre eyeshadow tutorial 5-3

– Apply a bright berry purple color to the outer third of your lid. Blend in the edges properly using your finger or your eyeshadow brush.
ombre eyeshadow tutorial 2-6

– Using a large, round blending brush, blend that berry purple color upwards into your crease. Take the color about halfway into your crease.
– With a small brush, apply a dark purple eyeshadow into the outer V area of your eye and blend gently. This will give the eye even more dimension and intensify the overall look.
ombre eyeshadow tutorial photo 3-3-1

– Use a pencil brush to apply the same dark purple eyeshadow to your bottom lash line using back and forth motions.
ombre eyeshadow tutorial 4-6

– Apply an off-white eyeshadow to the inner portion of your eye. This will open up the eyes and intensify the look as well.

ombre eyeshadow tutorial  5-4
Off-white eyeshadow to open up the eyes.

– Use a black liquid/cream liner to draw a nice even line across your top lid. You can opt for a winged liner as seen in the picture if you wish.

Line with kohl.
Line with black liquid/cream liner..

– Use a black kohl eye pencil in your lower waterline from the outer to inner corner.
– Apply any false lashes of your choice or skip this step if you’re not a fan of false lashes.

False lashes.
False lashes.

–       Apply your foundation using a round foundation brush or stippling brush.
–       Sweep a reddish-orange blush lightly across your cheeks to give your face more color.
–       Apply your face powder
And you’re done!

Finished with a smile!

Products I used -
Mary Kay medium coverage foundation
MAC Studio Fix powder
MAC eyebrow pencil in Spiked
MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow
MAC Shadowy Lady eyeshadow
Shany 120 color eyeshadow palette
Starry Black liquid liner
BlackUp waterproof kohl pencil
Sleek Blush by 3 – Pumpkin
Ardell false eyelashes – Demi Wispies

 credit -

xoxo beauties.


  1. Aww Pat u are a darling. I have been trying this Ombre eyeshadow, i'm not perfect yet but its cool. this will help a great deal. *kisses*

    1. Cass baby, you know that's why I'm here for you *hugs*

  2. Thanx Pat, i ve learnt another make up style frm u. u re such a Darling nd finally u re very georgous!

    1. Thanks bae **blushing**. your comments give me strength to do more. **tight hug**

  3. Well I no kuku sabi......Hopefully I can learn from here!!!

    1. I been no sabi....but these days, I can say i'm trying. so, young shall grow **winks**

  4. wow, its nice. i still dey learn oo.
    bae, pls sometimes wen i want to comment with my fone, it doesnt work. no vex, datz y i dont comment often, datz d causer of d probs.

    kindly visit

    1. I bind that thing stopping Pam from commenting with her phone. lol. Its okay dear, just drop the comments when you can.

  5. Nawa oo,how many paint on this face???if we don't have mac expensive eye shadow what should we opt for?
    Ohk,I will try with my sisi rose.


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