Wednesday 11 February 2015

CWP Fitness: Workout that will Help Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Hello friends! How are you doing? Yesterday I was very busy I couldn't do CWP Style, I am so so sorry about that and promise to try my best not to make that repeat itself again. That said lets move on huh? okay! Getting a flat tummy might seem like too much task but if you are first determined and then read and follow these two posts; Want People to STARE? Get a Flat Tummy! & 5 Food You Must Avoid to Achieve Your Flat Tummy Goal, you will surely achieve a flat tummy in little or no time. For some people, it is pretty hard to get rid of the lower belly fat, which is very understandable because more fat are stored in the lower part of our tummy. To get rid of this fat, you will need to intensify your workout routine; that is why today I want to share some workout routine that will Help Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat, so here goes....

  • Roll Up.  With your legs straight, lie on your back. Start by extending your arms and taking them behind your head to the maximum point of extension (this is the starting position). Inhale, move your arms towards the ceiling and roll your upper torso off the floor; when you are halfway up, exhale, roll forward and reach your toes. Inhale, reverse the movement; when you are halfway, exhale and return to the position from where you started.
  • image001
  • Straight Leg Raise. Keeping your legs straight, lie on the floor with your toes pointing towards the wall and put your hands under your buttock (this is the starting position). Inhale and raise both the legs up to form a right angle. Exhale and with a slow movement lower your legs to just slightly above the floor (around 4 inches). Do 10 repetitions.
  • image002
  • Hip Lift. Start by raising both your legs up at right angle and extending both your arms to your side. Inhale and pull your belly button towards the spine. While exhaling, lift your hips a couple of inches off the ground and roll them towards your belly. Inhale and lower your hips slowly. Do 10 repetitions.
  • image003
  • Reverse Crunches. Start with lying on your back and knees curled at 90 degrees and arms on your sides. Contract your abs, lift your knees and curl them towards your chest while exhaling. While you inhale, lower your legs slowly and keep them on the ground.
  • image004
  • Scissors. Lie down on your back and lift your head and shoulders slightly off the floor. Put your hands behind for support. Keeping your both legs extended, lift your right leg to make it perpendicular to your upper body; simultaneously your left leg should be raised by just a couple of inches off the floor. Swap leg positions quickly. Do alternate movements, without taking a pause. Do 6-8 repetitions (movement of both legs is counted as one repetition). 

PS: These workout routines are what you can do at home, you do not need to visit the gym to workout. Feel free to share how you were able to get rid of Lower belly fat in the comment box, remember, there is love in sharing.  



                  1. Even as slim as I am, I can hardly do these exercises. *covers face*

                    But will try my best atleast to be fit!!!!

                    1. I can relate to this jare. I was challenged the day my fat friend did 30 situps and i cud barely do 10. that was when i vex and started working out ooo.

                    2. Lol na her desperation cause am!!!! So she took it very serious cos she really wanna shed that fat!!!

                  2. Juz wat I need for my tummy, hop I stay committed to it Sha.

                    1. nothing is impossible, even the word says "i'm possible" **shines white teeth**

                  3. Beauty is a very thirsty child that demands the most attention in a woman's life if you're the fashion forward type and tedious .

                    Look at me ,waking up when others are sleeping just to work out .
                    Looking at sugary food like a zombie and afraid to look twice while other smile at me and enjoy it !
                    SMH for myself. Nnenna ,sorry oh !
                    In fact,i'm breaking free to commit that sin of relaxing and forget tomorrow biko .
                    Pat,oya come and recommend super slimming pills biko .

                    1. lol @Looking at sugary food like a zombie

                      Personally I do not advice the use of pills to slim down, balance diet and workout does it for me.

                      Check these posts, you might get something from it:


                    2. Girl you too sweet .
                      Thanks a lot .

                    3. **smiling** you are welcome Nne

                  4. Omo!mehn.i need to relax and read it all over.i wanna get rid of this fat in my belly. But ever since I stopped eating swallow my Belle is looking better


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