Thursday 5 February 2015

Nigerian women expose their bodies & ignorantly call it fashion-Nigeria’s Ambassador to Singapore

 Nigerian women have been advised to dress decently ..The call was made by Nigeria’s Ambassador to Singapore ,Mrs Rajis Okpara who said if women want to be addressed properly, they should dress decently.Speaking to news men in Abuja on Tuesday, she said
 “I think it is important for women to dress well, keep fit and take good care of themselves.You can dignify yourself as a lady by the way you dress; you don’t have to expose your body indecently. “If you do that you are indirectly telling people that you are available for use. “In as much as we are all craving to look good, I am also of the opinion that we must dress decently.“Lately you see Nigerian women across the world exposing their body and ignorantly calling it fashion.
“My advice to the fashion world or people going into fashion is to maintain our culture and to also respect the dignity of womanhood’’

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  1. The rate at which lies show off their bodies is alarming, very disgusting. You can look sexy without exposing a flesh. .especially that Kim k,the babe dey annoy me


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