Monday 16 February 2015

Rhythm of Colour!: Sarah Christian's Rinascita Collection for Spring 2015

Join me so we can explore the rhythm of colour with Sarah Christian.
Ghanaian fashion label Sarah Christian is here with a new collection for Spring and it’s fun, colourful and minimalist. Tagged the “Rinascita”, this collection plays of the rhythm of colour with tie & dye fabrics playing off the illusion of playful splashes of colour.

“Rinascita” translates as “Rebirth”, and the pieces signal the rebirth of youthfulness, freshness and life – making the spirit of Spring come alive.

The brand describes the Sarah Christian woman as a one who is proud of who she is, has a vibrant spirit, always bold, loves simplicity and elegance, and is not scared to show who she is.
See the collection below....


  1. They are all lovely plus she has a beautiful body and carriage, love her "dudu" skin too.

  2. Lovelyyyyy......I loff the 3rd to the last....

    1. Oh I saw others as I refreshed. Ok I like more of the fitted gowns. I hope I get one by liking them...lolz

      Pat aw was your day?

    2. Very well dear....hope work aint so stressful huh??

  3. I love all the dresses,hope it wont cost a fortune to buy one.lolz

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