Monday 10 July 2017

CWP Fitness: Reasons Why You Have A Bulging Stomach

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 Hello fam!
Issa brand new week; new week of opportunities and positivity, I hope that you find a reason to smile. Last week, i ran into a not-so-close friend and we got talking. I pointed that his stomach is now too big for a guy of his age and he told me its 'evidence of good living' 😱. I wanted to say "is like brain is paining this one" but said "you are flexing o" instead. 😒

Excess belly fat is very unhealthy and is nowhere near an 'evidence of good living" at all. Here are my top four reasons why you have a bulging stomach:

1. Drinking Carbonated Drinks
So, a day can't go by without you gulping down a bottle/can of "mineral" carbonated drink? You are not doing your body any good. Studies shows that, consuming one or more can/bottle of soda daily increases your waistline at least 5 times faster than those who barely drink soda. The amount of sugar in these drinks trigger your craving for more food than you should.
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2. Alcohol Intake
Alcohol can be both healthful and harmful. When consumed in moderate amounts, especially red wine, it may lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes. However, high alcohol intake may lead to imflammation, liver problem and other health problem. Alcohol suppresses fat burning and excess calories from alcohol are partly stored as belly fat.

3. Using Larger Plates
Pay attention to the size of plate you use at mealtime. Eating with larger plates over smaller ones make you consume more food than your body needs because you have more space on the former. Try using smaller plates and resist the urge to eat a second plate of food when you've already had enough.

4. Eating late at Night
The body naturally burns some fat as you sleep, it might not be able to efficiently do so when you go to bed on a full stomach, it also causes indigestion making your stomach bloated by morning. Try lighter/smaller meals at night and don't lie down for at least 2-3 hours after dinner. Snack on fruit if you need to eat something late at night. Our 'no late night challenge' will help you.

Doing your workout wrongly or no workout at all. 
This post should help you.

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Stay healthy.



  1. I am so guilty of no. 1 and 3, time to readjust o.
    Yes, I remember the no late night food challenge, twas helpful indeed.

    1. I bet, time for readjustment no doubt. Thanks for dropping your comment, I appreciate.


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