Wednesday 23 September 2015

CWP Fitness: 20 Fat Fighting Snacks

I am somewhat busy today and can't really do a post, so I decided to cull this interesting post by one of the few fitness enthusiast I follow Taje Prest of Stylevitae. Instead of snacking on regular junks, switch up your snacks to a more healthy one, I hope you find this helpful....enjoy!!!

Cinnamon has many health benefits and is known to curtail one’s appetite. If you follow my Instagram @tajevadehealthabdfitness you’ll see that I love my peanut butter jazz shake which I put cinnamon in and when I have that I’m full most of the day. Try and get the Ceylon cinnamon for better results.

Hot pepper! Now not many of you can just sit and chew chilli but even ingesting it in your food like in pepper soup helps to speed up your metabolic rate.

Grapefruit is packed with fibre and allows better digestion.

Watermelon, I’ve mentioned before. It fills you up without the calories.

Eggs digest slowly and has fewer calories so you stay fuller longer.

Coffee – this is a tricky one as green tea is better but the caffeine does help stimulate fat burning in your body.

Sweet Potato is packed with fibre and protein so you stay full. Try baking thinly sliced sweet potato with a drizzle of olive oil and enjoy like crisps. You can put them in a ziplock bag and have them with you on the go.
Sweet potato crisps

Vinegar – early research has shown that it can help breakdown fat. Notice how the French have it with almost everything and they stay so slim.

Milk – A glass of milk digests slowly and keeps you feeling full. A good amount is about 250mls. Too much and your upping your animal fat and calorie intake.

Beans – Nigerian beans (black eyed beans) or even black beans, which are another fave of mine you may have noticed on my Instagram page. You can cook it without oil, make it a porridge, have it like eba with soup or even as moi moi.  it keeps you fuller for longer because it’s packed with fibre.

Oatmeal is full of fibre and many other benefits and keeps you feeling full.

Celery is another fave! Packed with water and vitamins and low on calories. Celery-Stalks-sticks
Blueberries are packed with anti-oxidants & fibre and they are delicious.

Greek yoghurt is packed with protein and contains very little fat and carbs. You can add it to a bowl of chopped fruits for variety.

Ice water works as a fat burner as your body expends energy to warm it up so you burn more fat.

Chicken breast – another fave! Boiled, sautéed, roasted or grilled, it keeps you feeling fuller longer. Have thinly sliced roasted bits in a bag as a nice snack through out the day.

Green tea – like I said, it’s  better than coffee and stimulates your metabolism for a few minutes.

Almonds contain healthy fat that digest well and curb unnecessary cravings.

Apples contains flavonoids, a nutrient with antioxidants, known for fighting fat.

Flaxseed is perfect to add to any smoothie or breakfast cereals and even cold salads. So yum! It contains healthy fat and is good for your health.
Whole and ground flaxseed
Whole and ground flaxseed

So go ahead switch up your snacks,

I promise you’ll love it!



  1. I like me some sweet potatoes. I'll keep enjoying it

  2. its still a very crazzy thing to do that is totally in human

  3. Whao. I never would have thought that these could combat obesity, especially milk and egg. We learn everyday. Thanks for sharing, sweetie.

    1. Me too, I used to think that milk and egg make one fat. We really do learn everyday.

  4. Wow...this is so cool. Thanks for sharing

    Nma's Blog 

    1. You are welcome, and thanks for reading through.

  5. I used to think sweet potatoes wasn't good,thank God for blogs and researches. Now I have them full in my food basket.

  6. Lovely piece, thanks for sharing....
    Meanwhile...Meet Mexico deadliest female Cartel 'La China' and many more articles on DTB click on my profile or

    1. Hiya!! you are most welcomed. Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate.

  7. This is nice... But the longer throat I me wanted to see real snacks....

  8. Wow so many revelations here.. I am so saving this post..

  9. Thank you for the tips!
    i didn't know ice water burned fat

  10. Thanks for the tips...but what of those who have high metabolism and would like tips on food packed with lots of calories. Cos am a fast burner. If u can help with some tips. Thanks


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