Tuesday 29 September 2015

CWP Style: How to rock the off-the-shoulder trend in style

Who else have noticed that the off-the-shoulder has made a huge comeback? some styles can not just go out of trend, even if they do, they will make a come back and the off-the-shoulder is one of them. This style can give you a sexy yet classy look though it is not so easy to pull but with a few tips and trick, you will be pulling it off effortlessly.  

If you are unsure how to rock this trend, these tips and pictures should guide you, find the below...
1. When selecting an off the shoulder style, the top should fit your shoulders and bust seamlessly to prevent any mishaps. The material around your upper arms can fit either loosely (if the body of the dress or top is secure around your waist) or tightly for a more structured look.  

2. You can wear your hair down slightly messy in those beach waves, or pull it up in a messy ponytail/bun and expose the shoulders.  

 3. Jewellery wise; thin necklaces, layered or not, look fabulous with off the shoulder tops or dresses, and body jewellery is perfect for a sheer or cropped off the shoulder top.

I have worn a few off-the-shoulder blouses in my head **shines teeth**, once I get these annoying breakouts on my back to disappear, I will be rocking one in reality. lol. Will you ever be caught in a off-the-shoulder blouse or dress? What do you think of the trend? Let us know in the comment box.


  1. I love off shoulders. It's obvious. Look at at G+ profile pic na. *winks*

    It's especially nice on those who have adorable collar bones.

  2. Yea, I love it. I am even making a dress and its off the shoulder.

  3. It's beautiful

    I see ModaVracha......

  4. I prefer the 4th one. I used to think off shoulder doesn't fit me. Cos I have broad shoulder


  5. Off shoulders doesnt fit everyone that i know..but these are beautiful

    Glowyshoe blog

  6. I don't think I have any outfit that is off the shoulders. Its not just my style probably cos I have broad shoulders however the pple in these pictures slayed the off the shoulder look

  7. Nice!! I always look like I dressed in the dark. Wish I could be sleek and good looking as these ladies....

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  8. Would definitely suit me cos I av a slender shoulder like the people in the pix...but unfortunately I don't have any off the shoulder outfit. Will def get one in my closet tho

  9. Love your selections! Off shoulders are definitely in right now!
    Please visit my blog when you can :-)


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