Monday 22 June 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Clarice Boateng

Hey darlings! 
How have you been? Hope you enjoyed your weekend? It rained all weekend in the part of the world where I am, so I stayed indoor and had a good rest, I wanted to go have some drinks in the evening of yesterday when the rain stopped but couldn't 'cos there was nobody to go with me; I really don't like going out alone and for a moment I wished I kept friends both male and female....I suck at that serzly.  Its a brand new week and I am full with brand new expectations. you know how we do it right here on Mondays huh?

CWP Person of this week is Clarice Boateng **claps** She's A Ghanian, A Student, A Fashion blogger where she showcase her effortless chic styles, A natural hair sista (yes! yes!! that's the part I love most), I think she's Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Lookalike (can you see it too?) and of course, She's Beautiful.

I am totally in love  with almost every piece I see on her and I have been able to get lots of styling inspiration from her...see some of her stylish moments, who knows you could want to re-create one or more of her looks, enjoy.....

My apologies for not posting often darlings and no I have not become lazy, sincerely I want to come on here everyday but sometimes work wouldn't allow me. Like I have been doing this post since 8:30am and just look at when I am able to post....Whatever happens, always stick around cos I will never keep you hanging for too long. hehehe.

Do remember that the idea is to make people STARE....for the right reason though.




  1. lovely styles, most of i like all her shoes and how every thing she puts on suits her, thanks for sharing pat

  2. nice ,she tried small

  3. She reps so well....And yes I love her hair. Verrrrrry lovely

  4. I loove her hair!

    P.S. Pat, me is missing you ooo

  5. Her hair is lovely


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