Wednesday 28 January 2015

CWP Fitness: How Sweaty Do You Get?

I know someone will be like "what the heck is she going to talk about, whats my business with sweat?". Anyways, before you start complaining, maybe you just read this. I have this friend who will never stop signing this into my ears "Pat, I cant sand this sun, I hate hot weather, I hate sweating, Oh my God, my makeup" *lol* she can complain for Africa. Well, I'm pretty sure no girl  wants sweat to soil her makeup but you know what dearies, sweating is beneficial to our body. read on....

I have this addiction for sweating (I can read your mind, you are like "What's wrong with Pat, who gets addicted to sweat?") well, I do. Sometimes, I get too lazy to workout, especially after my ill-health, remember I told you about it here, remember right? Ok. It is pretty normal to be lazy to workout but for me, when I start working out and sweat starts oozing out of my body, I just don't want to stop, I like how hot the it feels on my body, I enjoy it more than the sweetest thing in the world (whats the sweetest thing in the world again, s*x? organism?) Sorry, I have no Idea, you tell me **shines teeth**.

Study says "everyday, you sweat out about 10 percent of the water that your body loses", You don't have to be working out to sweat, but when you do it during exercise, you are benefiting your body more. How? Below are 3 ways sweat is benefiting to your body:

1. Cleaner Skin

Unfortunately, sweating has gotten a bad reputation. But sweating is actually your body's way of helping to keep your skin clean. Every day, toxins build up in your pores that need to be released. If they're not, then your skin can break out and cause pimples, rashes and other skin infections. (surprised?) By sweating out these toxins, your skin stays cleaner and, over time, it will appear to look healthier than ever.

2. Lowers Body Temperature

If you never sweat, there's a good chance that you have a very high body temperature. In order to prevent this from happening, your body needs to sweat to avoid overheating. It's one of the reasons that you start sweating when you exercise. Your body heats up to burn calories and keep your energy levels high. At the same time, your body starts to release sweat through your skin to help keep it from getting too hot. You need to stay hydrated if you exercise for this very reason. Without an adequate supply of water, your body cannot sweat and your internal temperature will be too high for you to workout normally. If you do not sweat enough, you can also suffer from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.(I bet you never heard of this before).

3. Helps Fight Sickness

Getting a fever is no fun. So when you get a fever, the first thing you do is run to the medicine cabinet to reduce it. However, a fever is actually your body's way of fighting off sickness by trying to help you sweat it out. If you are sick, it could actually be beneficial for you to try working out (provided, of course, you are able to do so) because sweating can help your body to get rid of your sickness. (wow!)
Sweating is one of the best things that your body can do to help keep itself healthy. Though you probably do everything you can to stop your body from doing it, the physical act of sweating is therapeutic for your body. It helps your skin, which is your largest organ, to stay active (especially during the winter months) and it helps your internal organs to stay cool by lowering your overall body temperature. If you do not exercise or workout regularly, you probably do not sweat much. You should try to change this.(una hear am so?) At the very least, there are saunas and spas available to you that allow you to enjoy the benefits of sweating without ever setting foot in the gym (or even at home self). Try to sweat more often to help your body stay healthy.

Now you know right? So dearies go on and sweat, lol. When I need motivation to start up my workout routine, I just say these words to my self. "TRAIN DIRTY, EAT CLEAN & HAVE FUN while at it" you too can!!! Happy sweating friends. hehehe **kisses**


  1. You're so correct sweetheart, nice piece.

  2. 1. Interesting facts, thank you for this.
    2. How can you say sweating is sweeter dan s**? Nne talk true na.
    3. Pat, I love the way you write

  3. Wow, I hate to sweat too. i knw beter nw.


    1. Yeah Mz_Gracy, Thank me now!!! **tongue out**

  4. Oh really,no wonder all those time I don't sweat,my body temperature was always high. Break out unnecessary hmmmmn, but now I sweat like a xmas goat and body is always cool kikikikikikik
    Let the sweating continue
    Thanks for sharing

    1. hehehehehe, lmao @xmas goat. Happy sweating Bola. lol

  5. Used to do a lot of 'sweating' before but now not so much. So busy + i'm almost under 40 kg. It's time to watch it before I disappear * shines teeth*

    1. Please ooo dont You might just reduce the number of times you workout but do not stop keeping fit.


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