Monday 19 January 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Colette Agada

Hi beauties, How did your weekend go? I know I deserved to be flogged for being inconsistent here, forgive me. Not to worry though, I went for deliverance over the weekend, so, I am now a changed person. **winks**.

Permit me to introduce to you Colette Agada a.k.a Coco, She is a Fashion designer/Stylist with so many beautiful works. She is a stunner and a show stopper, she knows how to make you STARE. I love her styles and I'm sure you will love them after scrolling through some of her picture. Enjoy...

Most of her outfit were made by her, you can check her IG page @Fashioncole to see more of her style and to contact her if you want her to design a dress for you.

Ok dearies, I really want to feature my readers here, I want you to be my next "CWP Person of The Week", you deserve to be given a platform here. Without you, there will be no Catwalk With Pat. So, send me an E-mail if you will love be featured here.

I love your comments, keep them coming.


  1. I love her style in the third picture, she's beautiful too.

  2. Her fashion styles are Amazing.



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