Wednesday 21 October 2015

CWP Fitness: How many Glass of Water is okay for a day?

Hey Darlings!!! Thank you for all the kind words yesterday, I know I have been saying too many 'thank you' but goodness, you all deserve more than just THANK YOU, Your comments made my day yesterday, God keep you all for me. Amen!

Let's talk about something interesting today, shall we? WATER!!! How often do you drink water in a day? **looks around**

Water is the building block of life as we all know, drinking water is one of the easiest efforts you can incorporate into your weight loss or weight maintenance plan, as a matter of fact, it is the easiest yet most effective way to a healthy life. The benefits of drinking water are boundless; from maintaining a healthy life to weight loss, beautiful hydrated skin, aiding digestion and ofcourse quenching thirst to mention a few.

Everyone will tell you "Drink eight 8 glasses of water a day" but I do not think there is a science behind that 'cos we lose water everyday as we sweat, urinate, breath etc so it is only normal that you replace the water appropriately, no rules set but be sure to drink enough water. Therefore, I do not know about 8 glasses of water a day, but I do think you should drink....

  •  2 glasses after waking up, helps activate internal organs.
  • 1 glass 30mins before a meal, helps digestion.
  • 1 glass before taking a bath, helps lower blood pressure.
  • 1 glass before going to bed, avoid stroke & heart attack.

Here comes my question again, How often do you drink water in a day? water is the easiest way to a healthy life but most often ignored.

Please feel free to share you opinion on how many glass of water you think is okay for a day in the comment box.

Live healthy, Live right, Stay fit.

Love you all.


  1. Lovely article. I drink water a lot. I dunno how often . . . hmmm maybe 5-7 glasses a day.

  2. Water is like my best friend sometimes and most times i totally forget to drink especaially when i've stepped out of the house...

    Glowyshoe blog

  3. Just abt enuff water ur body needs is well good to go for me....

  4. i seriously need water,i dont drink water and its already affecting me.its just a stupid bad habit.i need prayers please before it affect my bladder

    1. Sweetheart, you don't need prayers. Don't disturb God abeg . . . He is working on something bigger.

      Just make a decision and stand by it. He has given you the power of choice already.

    2. Thanks Amaka for helping me out on this. BMF, start by faking that you like drinking water and keep drinking as much as you can on a daily, before you know it, you are loving the whole thing...worked for me. #TeamFakeitTillYouMAkeIt.

  5. Water! Hmmm...I find it difficult to gulp it down my throat especially when I wake in the morning but I cld take 2 sachets of pure water after meal

    1. Choi Jummy, I never liked drinking water when I wake up in the morning, I still dont, feels like you are taking medicine but I always try to gulp one cup of water down my throat.

  6. I don't joke with water, i drink more than 12 glasses a day.

  7. 1 glass before taking a bath ke! Shuo! Aha! No nah! No need.. All the water in the bucket wihh enter my skin through all those small small holes nah! Why do i haf to drink waRRa before i bath?! Ah! i dont agree on that one oh CatWoman!

    Plus in Festac that we dont nah haf plenRRy water.. if all of us in our house drink many many water like this.. All the water wihh finish nah :) How is our CatWoman doing?!

  8. Not a water fan but if its juice, am game lol
    Will give it a thought sha.. I pee alot so I try to take less water especially when am travelling


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