Wednesday 18 November 2015

CWP Fitness: Weight Loss is Possible without Workout....Not!!!

Long time no CWP Fitness post or nah? I bet you didn't even notice. Its been pretty long I worked out also, life troubles mehn. So sorry for not coming on here yesterday and the day before, I really don't whats up but my pageview in last two days was so encouraging, whatever it is, I hope it continues. hehehe. Shout out to everyone who shares the blog link on their social media page, I really do appreciate.

Some days back, a friend of mine on facebook sent me a message that she's grown so fat after having her baby and wants to reduce but is too lazy to exercise? lol. I know a lot of people are like that. I told her that workout is essential if you want to lose weight but she was reluctant so I told her to watch what she eat. Told her the food to eat and the ones to be avoided, I went on to tell her to avoid eating late at night and never skip breakfast,
yeah! I know you skip breakfast too...breakfast is an important part of our diet and shouldn't be skipped for any reason. I also told her to add lemon detox water to her daily intake and still ended up emphasizing on why she should still workout even if she start seating healthy.

A lot of us are like her, we wanna lose weight without working out, there's actually no shortcut to losing weight I tell pain, no gain.

When you are too lazy to do the usual harcore workout, just Take a walk, Skip, Go for a Swim, Play football or just Dance.  When you start seeing results, it becomes an addiction.

Don't be afraid to start you workout routine, in the end, its going to be worth it...believe me.



  1. True talk dear.Thursday will make it 2wks I started exercising & eating right & I am already seeing d result.I am so so enjoying it but its not easy.Its all abt motivation,determination & discipline & finally God cus prayed abt it b4 starting.Thanks Cattypat 4 d inspiration,you are gradually stealing me away 4rm other blogs.Great hidden benefit dey 4 exercise.I dnt eva wish 2 stop.

    1. Whooops!! Whoooops!!! I have been having a bad day but this comment just brought my good mood back.

      Hiya Onyin **weaves** thanks for stopping by, for dropping this comment and for the compliments. I am happy you are enjoying your decision to live the end its going to be worth it.

      there is no problem with eating fruits, vegetables and drinking water at night. My name is Onyinye too, hope to see you more often.

  2. I forgot to ask if d eating late u mentioned includes fruits?

  3. Everyone wants the easy why out, even me too lol. I need to be motivated mehn
    Altho i'm still breastfeeding. Nice tips dear

  4. I love the dance exercise. It's more fun than work. I use kaffee as a casetudy everytime. She lost weight by dancing, and dancing only.

    Well done sweetie!

  5. To work out is not easy eehn, so I decided to stick to,not eating swallows at night and taking enough fruits. Tho I am actually working on my tummy but I doubt if I see any difference. but Lebo says there is difference in his tummy now.

  6. Lol

    I still eat late and I hardly eat fruit before Pat crucifies me.....

  7. That's the initial thing that brought me across cwp so dont ever stop!



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