Monday 23 November 2015

CWP Person Of The Week - Maryam Daisy

Hello lovelies! Trust you all had a swell weekend? I had a good laugh reading your comments on my last post about my king, lol....I wish, Oh God I wish. hehehe. My king can also be my dad na come on, but it definitely not what y'all had in mind, I already said I'm single in my Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award Nomination post na.....Thanks for all the wishes anyways, I am grateful.

Monday came with a rush and without any chill, I am having a busy day already, Wheew! Okay, you all know that Mondays are for CWP person of the week huh? Yeah! so, meet this beautiful lady that has been giving my style goals; I totally love her style, her skin tone and her body. Daisy is a student studying Fashion Marketing & Branding in Nottingham and a style blogger. She describes her style as simple, easy, sleek but sophisticated. See some of her picture below....

Dont you just love her already? She's got it all covered.

Have a wonderful week ahead dearies.



  1. No be lie, she's got it all.

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  3. Am tired of seeing simple styles, i want complicated,classy and sophisticated styles that is out of this world!!!

  4. Anyway, i love her fashion sense.

  5. She looks do simple

  6. Only one person with all this finess?! iTrip

    Sweetie, you're right. She's got it all covered.

  7. She correct finish..

  8. Oh My GOD! SomeboRRy holl me.. Holl me oh!!! before i fall in love with this child. Chineke me! Look how beauRRiful she is.. and my! Her class and style has me flying in the clouds.. iTrip.. inshort.. iBackFlip.. iRollOnTheGround and iFallInLove :) I mean how can one child be so decent yet so hot! **Takes deep Breath then **Fans self.. then **Sings.. SomeboRRy call 9.1.1.. Fire Fire Burning on my BoRRyyyy oh oh ohhhhh! hehehe my She is a queen...

    Thanks for this post CatWoman.. it has me in different shades of Tripping for Daisy.

    1. hehehehehe, this comment got me rolling on the floor, this Duru is just too dramatic, ahan. lol

  9. love her style, And she has really nice legs

  10. She is unique in her own ways, creating her own style


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