Saturday 16 May 2015

Ankara/Asoebi Style Inspiration

So I am suppose to be at a wedding today but I didnt go. As I type this now, I'm at work 'cos there's a lot of things that needs to be done and I can't help but imagine the fun and rice I am missing at the moment **teary eyes** but its all good I didn't get to buy Asoebi....scratch that, I have never bought any asoebi all my many wedding have I even attended sef. lol.

Anyways dearies, here are a few style I got for, check them out....

My friend from way back in Secondary School...She's grown into stylish lady



I could help but post this...too cute!!!
Okay dearies, thats it for have a beautiful weekend and don't stop smiling.



  1. The only picture I see is this cute baby

  2. There are few nice dresses there.

  3. Oh my oh my ....the baby killed it all

  4. Few of them are lovely...but the baby killed her adorable

  5. All I see is " I have never bought asoebi" like seriously???? PATTTTT

    Is that poss?

    Issokay, is that Toke Makinwa up there?

    The styles are lovely anyway!!!!

  6. Wait. Did I read that right? You've never what??? you've never bought asoebi??? Like seriously??? Babes, how do you do it. Pls, come and teach me o. My friends force the asoebi down my throat. epp me!

  7. Hehehe Chinco bee and Amaka, you guys chill naa.

    Well, you read right....I have never bought any Asoebi.

    Thing is, I haven't attended too many weddings and if I get to attend I like to wear my own clothes and be diff. I think since I dont keep much friends, its very easy for me.


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