Thursday 21 May 2015

CWP Beauty: Get The Red/Orange Ombre Lips

I always have this feeling that my eyes and lips are the most beautiful feature of my face....therefore, I try to give them colours to make them bright and more beautiful. You know, life is too short to be wearing boring lippies every time, so you have to spice up your lips with an ombre effect.

We have seen the dark Pink Ombre Lips, today I would be sharing tips on achieving the Red/orange ombre lips; I hope you'll find them helpful.

Here goes....

What you will need:

  • Red lipstick
  • Orange lipstick
  • Cream/Nude lipstick
  • Concealer/Foundation

What to do:

1. Prepare your lips for the ombre effect, you can exfoliate them. It is important that no dead skin is  on your lips so that the lipstick will last much longer.

2. Apply light concealer or foundation over your lips.

3. Apply the orange lipstick all over your lips leaving the center parts out (refer to pictorial above).

4.Apply the cream/nude lipstick to the center of both the lower and upper part of your lips. Make 2 lines, den expand them a bit as you can see in the pic above.

5. Apply the red lipstick on the corners of your lips by making sure it looks like it is in gradient. To achieve a perfect ombre lip, the dark colour have to start from the corners/outer part and the light colour will be in the middle of the lips.

6. Clean up the edges of your lips with your foundation/concealer.

7. are done!

It might take time before you get it right but you remember that thing they say about practice making you perfect? its true! 

Who is going to give this a try?

Stay beautiful dearies



  1. i ll def try this,thanks for sharing pat

  2. Not a fan of coloured lips. I pretty it very light..

  3. thank God i have everything i will give it a try.

  4. can a bold lips person use it too?

  5. can a bold lips person use it too?

  6. Chisos oh!!! These lips are calling me to kiss oh! **Scabashes.. Get thee behind me Temptation.. I refuse to kiss my monitor... hehehehe aha! Kilode?! See Sexy lips toh sure :*.. heheheh If i kiss this one ehnnn! I wihh not kiss another lips till i die,... Dasalll... hehehehehe :) Hiya Bubba.. What gwan?!


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