Monday 4 May 2015

Worse Shoe Moment!!!

Hiya dearies!!! How are you doing? Please forgive me for becoming inconsistent these past few weeks, I wish there was a way I could do so many things at a time but goodness I am only human...I have just two hands. I hope you understand this...I know you do **smiles** thanks.

I want to specially thank you all for coming around and leaving comments, I really do appreciate them. I will try as much as possible to reply the ones I need to. I am so sorry CWP Person of the week will not be coming in today but we can still talk about something else...Shoes!!!

I love shoes a whole lot, shoes have a way of making your entire outfit standout, they can make or mar your swag, lol. I have a little problem though, I am #TeamBigFeet; I wear size 42 **looks around** any #TeamBigFeet in the house? Now here's the lil problem with #TeamBigFeet, you see a really beautiful shoe and you say to yourself "I'm getting that shoe" but
when you go in to buy, you find out that they do not have your size and your are left has happened to me so many times.

My worse shoe moment

So, sometime in 2012 I went for an ushering job and the dress code says "White on black with a red Shoe" When I went to the market to get my red shoe, I saw a size 41, fell in love with it, tried it and it fit but was really tight. I was told it would expand so I paid for it. Fast forwards to the day for the event, I was all dressed up and at my position smiling and catwalking up and down, I made sure everyone in that hall noticed my shoes.

Barely half way into the event I started feeling uncomfortable; sweating in an air conditioned room, I was just shining my teeth instead of smiling. I tried to endure the pain my feet were feeling but I just couldnt, I started shuttling between the hall and the ladies...I think I cried at some point. When I got home, I soaked my legs in water and literally slept off there, I seriously cannot forget that day and I swore to always buy shoes that are my size.

Okay, enough of me...share your worse shoe moment will love to read them.

Have a fabulous week dearies.

I love you all.


  1. hahha hahah hhaha........lolz

    Don't Think I have One...

    1. Immanuel, you wont understand until you start wearing heels, lol but I think guys too have bad shoe moments

  2. The worst shoe moment I can really remember was when my high heel shoe open mouth on my way back from church one sunday, the shoe wasn't even manageable as twas the heel that broke, I literally had to remove it and walk back home on bare foot with all my shakara dressing that day and to make matters worse the sun was very hot and so was the hot tared road to my house..choi embarrasement. Is an understatement of what happened to me that day.
    Pat how are you?we forgive you but don't do that again o

    1. hehehehehe...Oh my God! I can imagine, lol.

      I am fine dearie just a lil busy...thanks for always stopping by, you do not know how much I appreciate it.

  3. Welcome back sweetie. Missed you loads.

    I've had many bad shoe moment. Can't figure out the worst of them. My Aba shoes are always giving me all the embarrassment there is. *sobs*

    1. Lmao...Aba shoes can disgrace person ehn...I have had my share.

      Thanks Amaka, I missed you more...will be @ your blogspot in a bit

  4. There is a shoe not my size anytime I wear it,I sweat like a goat,.

  5. Hian! #TeamBigFeet huh?! and Duru's mind goes to teh Dirty side of life... **Winks.. You do know what it means for a Man to have big feet ba?! **Wears Mischievous smile.. Mehhnn Bubba.. pele oh! I still don geRRit sha.. Why do ladies have to wear Mount Everest high shoes and catwalk :) up and down, when they can just wear flats?! I mean the thing e be me like Engineering Maths to understand eh.. Hope you got a massage after wards though?! Pele the lord is your muscle.. **In Denrele's words (i know, wrong usage, but he is the only person i have ever heard say this) "BeauRRy is pain.." :).. Cheers Bubba..


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