Monday, 27 April 2015

Christian Louboutin reveals New Nudes Collection for All Skin Tones

Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection - BellaNaija - April2015001

One rule that reigns supreme in the fashion gospel, is every woman should have a pair of nude shoes. And even though having only the Beige tone to pick from has limited our fashion possibilities, wed can thank shoe giant Christian Loubotin for a new day.
The fashion brand has unveiled a collection of new new nudes that herald the modification of the beige era.

The collection has a list of 5 shades to chooses from, spanning “Fair Blush” to “Rich Chestnut”; and to show just how wearable the collection is, they have top fashion bloggers, Shiona Turini, Nina Garcia and Jane Keltner deValle rocking the shades, showing the shoes are just a diverse as the women who will wear them.

Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection - BellaNaija - April2015003
According to The Cut, the fashion brand also plans to expand the collection of nudes beyond just 5 shades. According to the designer – “There are two colours that I’m missing the range of in the middle. In the next year, we will be at seven total skin tones.
Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection - BellaNaija - April2015


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