Monday, 25 May 2015

CWP Person of The Week - Damilola Oke

I was so pissed on my way to work to today, I spent three time my usual t.fare....this is really serious; well, thanks to African Magic, I just finish seeing Jumebi and laughing my lunges out...OMG, I feel a lot better now.

How are you doing my darlings? Hope this fuel scarcity is not dealing with you so much sha? Anyways, if you can read this, be are alive and healthy; congratulations!!!

CWP person of the week gotta be Damilola Oke aka MsModish, why? five reasons!!! 
  • She's one of Nigerian's finest stylist
  • She's effortlessly chic and classy
  • She's a Natural hair sister
  • She belong to the #Hat gang
  • She's Singer Waje personal Stylist and because I love Waje, I love her too.
 Enough already, take a look at some of her looks I love.....


  1. She sha want bow leg by force hehehehehe

    Not badddd!!!

  2. Shez got a classy cool style...i like

  3. She is got a superb dresssence.. Her stature though. . Dumebi

  4. she sure knows how to combine and look classic

  5. She looks muaahh. Pat dear, keep?

  6. Pat me sef don refresh tire. Where are you nah???

    There is fuel now oooo except you have moved to Aso Villa as well...

    1. We are at Aso rock together oh. I'll relay your message

    2. Hehehehehe Tomi na una dey chop life now ooo

      Sha remember your readers in your kingdom

      @PAT is that why you left us hanging???


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