Tuesday 13 January 2015

CWP Beauty: Avoid Dry Skin/Broken Lips this Harmattan Season

A lot of you out there like myself are not finding this Harmattan period funny, because aside from the cold which is bearable, it dries your skin and cracks your kissable lips *winks*. This weather is harsh to our skin, therefore, we need to give more attention to our skin this period to avoid one looking as though you just bathed with cement.

Good news is, you can follow these simple tips below to keep your skin and lips hydrated. continue...

Do this...

* Use mild moisturizing soap or body bath creams.
* Do not completely dry your skin after shower; about 10% of moisture is retained if you apply 
   cream/lotion/oil on damp skin. 
* Get body oil to retain moisture on the skin after bath.
* You can pour few drops of oil into water before bath (if you wish).
* Apply your moisturizing cream or lotion all over your body including your under feet. Hydrating 
  creams and lotion are best for all skin types this season.
* Apply hand cream during the day and night before going to bed, get one if you don’t have.
* Applying nail polish can help protect nails from excessive drying and hardening.
* Get a lip balm/gloss; it doesn't matter if you male or female, just apply to avoid broken lips.

Do it the Natural way...


1. Apply shea butter (ori) or petroleum jelly

Personally I don't like petroleum jelly cos they darken my skin, so, I prefer the local made ori. Anyways, shea butter (ori) and petroleum jelly are very common and affordable pomades you will need during this season to shield you from getting a dry and sorry-looking skin. They serve as the best cover of healthy oil over your skin hence protects you and your skin from the harsh conditions of the dry-cold weather. It is important to keep it with you so you apply it as soon as you realize your skin is getting dry.

2. Drink plenty water

The importance of water during this season cannot be underestimated. Harmattan will do all it can to drain the water out of you so to stay on top of your game, fight back, drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated.

3. Eat lots of fruits

I bet the importance of fruits to our skin is no news to us. Vitamins like Vitamin C and A contained in fruits and vegetables like Apple, Carrot, Lemon, Tomato and Sweet Potato are good for keeping your skin fresh and smooth. You can make these fruits and vegetables your close companions during the season. They, aside ensuring you have a fresh skin serve other amazing health purposes.

The above are some of the keep my skin and lips in good condition this season, what do you do to stay hydrated? There is love in sharing, so share with us. I love your comments.

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