Monday 19 January 2015

Top 10 Items That Should Be Found In Every Woman's Bag

I remember one certain Nigerian music video a few years back, not sure whose video it was, where a lady's bag fell of off and things like roasted corn, carpenter's nails etc came out. lol. How embarrassing!
Every woman love to carry an hand bag, your hand bag should just be a fashion item but also an item that hold a woman's "secret".  Some of the things you find in a woman’s bag can be a little embarrassing but very helpful. 
Check out the top 10 things that should be found in a complete woman’s bag.

Hair Bands/ Pins
Letting your hair down might at all times be some sort of discomfort especially if you are the sweaty type. Having hair pins in your bag can save you all the stress when everything gets heated up. When you feel the need to pull your hair back, then only would you see the need for the hairbands. 

Sewing Kits
Imagine stepping out in a perfectly fit dress and getting it ripped in the middle of an event. You can only get the best way out of such situations when you have a sewing kit on stand by. You can also put some safety pins in your bag to save you the day anytime and anywhere.

Hand Sanitizers

Asides the dread of Ebola, there are several other reasons why a woman must have sanitizers in her bag. Some of the reasons are; shaking hands, sneezing into your hands etc. Sanitizers doesn’t work for just ladies, everybody should have sanitizers around them.

Pain Killers
For ladies who usually have menstrual cramps, they can easily relate with this and the need for painkillers do not need to be over emphasized. Having painkillers in your bag at all times helps you overcome unpredictable circumstances.

Sanitary Towel

Some ladies might brag about how well they can calculate their menstrual cycle but these cycles can change at any time leaving you stranded. There is extra need to be careful and be prepared. Save yourself the embarrassment and stuff your bag with at least two sanitary towel.

Lipstick/ Lip balm
No matter how long lasting your lipsticks are, every lady needs a lip balm/ lip stick in her bag for that touch-up to keep it refreshed. You can carry along two of your favorite lipstick/ lip balm to always keep your lips soft and never dry.

Moisturizers/ Hand Cream
A lot of times you find out your skin has suddenly gone dry and your legs are ashy, in such situations, having your moisturizers/ hand cream can turn the situation round in a split second.

Whether you are a make up person or not, leaving your face oily is not an option. So do yourself the favor of keeping  any kind of powder in your bag. You can also keep pressed powder in your bag for touch-up effect.

Don’t you just hate it when someone around you is trying to point out something to you and there is no mirror in sight to take a look? It can also be pretty annoying when there is something in your eyes and you can’t get it out because you can’t see it. A little mirror in your bag can do the magic.

Mouth Spray

How embarrassing is it for you to speak and get funny reactions from people? Mouth spray does not come handy for only those with mouth odor, It can help you freshen up your breath. Bad breath can be such a turn off hence the need to go around with a mouth spray preferably mint mouth spray.

Time to be a little honest, what will I find in your hand bag, if I go scan through it? Where's my lie detector? lol.


  1. Pat, if you enter my bag now ehn, things you will see, Lawd have mercy. I cant tell you everything your will find but I sure know you will find a condom *runs away.

    1. Choi!! you are a badt girl o. I think its necessary though.


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