Saturday 10 January 2015

Victoria Beckham reveals why she doesnt smile.

Some weeks back Kim K said she doesn't smile because it causes

and now former pop singer turned style icon Victoria Beckham answered a number of questions for Vogue – including why she doesn’t smile.

In a recent feature for Vogue’s 73 Questions project, designer Victoria Beckham answers some unusual quips for the magazine’s faceless interviewer. continue...

As to why she does not smile, she says that she is smiling on the inside and sees it as a responsibility to the fashion community to keep her face smile-free.

Are there people who hardly smile on this blog, can you share your reasons while you hardly smile? Will love to learn.


  1. U really have a nice blog dear..kip it rolling.
    Chysugar from SDK

    1. Thanks a bunch Chysugar *drum rolls* welcome!!!


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